Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Think Outside The Purpose

Recently when shopping in Target i came across a very shiny pretty tealight candle holder. I don't really use candles so my mind instantly though 'this would be a great ring dish on my bedside table'. So i purchased it and did just that.

This then got me thinking what else do i use at home that was not its original purpose

Ikea Curtain Wire used for artwork display

Ikea spice racks used as bookshelves

Kikki K chore planner used a food planner. Has perfect amount of spots for 3 meals, 3 snacks (or 2 snacks and dessert). When trying to eat well i find it helps to write down and plan every meal.

Lazy susans used to organise oils, sauces & spreads

Serving tray used for display purpose

Do you use things not for their original purpose?


Jo said...

You are so organised, I love it! I hope it rubs off 😊

Anonymous said...

Love all your tips! super blog!

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