Thursday, September 04, 2014

Caution Tape Cake Tutorial

When looking up ideas for a construction idea cake i came across this caution tape round cake. I showed the idea to Julian and said i wanted to achieve this look. We read the instructions and Julian suggested we make square cakes so when we cut the end piece off it look like the tape rather than cut pieces of a round cake. Made total sense to me so i worked out how we would do this.

I made a vanilla cake with added yellow gel colour for the yellow cake. For the black cake i made a chocolate cake with black gel colour. When making the black cake mixture i could not get it to go dark, just dark grey. I resigned myself to the fact it was going to be a yellow and grey cake. To my surprise when i got it out the oven it was completely black.. . very black.

Once the cakes had cooled completely i wrapped them individually and froze them overnight.

1) Remove the frozen cakes from the freezer and unwrap. Place on to a chopping board (we were naughty and left out chopping board for clear photos)

2) Using a ruler and tip of a bread knife mark out your stripes. Mine are 4cm wide

3) Place the ruler and knife where your first mark is . Put your knife on approx 45 degree angle and along the ruler.

4) Continue along all marks on each cake

5) You will now have two slice cakes. Alternate the slices to create a stripey cake.

6) As you can see above the lines didn't completely match at the start of the cake. We corrected this but cutting yellow cake to line up and a slice of black to swap over. (There may be a way to sort this out from the start)

They now line up well. We placed skewers through each cake to ensure the stripes were held together.

7) Once you're happy with the stripes put chocolate frosting between the cakes, wrap them back up and pop into the freezer overnight (or for a few hours if depending on your time frame).

8) Chose how you would like to decorate.

Most the construction cakes I've seen have cute little diggers on top digging out the cake etc. I was lucky enough to get chocolates that looked like big stones so i used them spilling out of a dump truck.
Decorate the cake whilst frozen. I decorated the night before and the party was at 10am the following day.

Tip: Mark the cake board/stand then use decorations in a certain way so you remember which way to cut the cake.

You can download road signs from my 'Printables' Tab


Deb @ Nourish Nation said...

That is one BIG cake, love it. I made a digger cake a few years ago, mighty proud of that effort! :) Deb

Danielle L said...

I've already pinned a version of this cake for my little man's second birthday later in the year and I'll be adding this part to ramp up the wow factor - great work, it looks amazing!

lucy @ Bake Play Smile said...

I;ve never seen one of these before! How awesome! What a lucky little man you have. Happy Fabulous Foodie Fridays! xx

Malinda Brown said...

That looks so awesome - well done!

Lauren Matheson said...

What a great cake! My construction mad boys would love it!

han said...

Such a cool idea, like it.

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