Sunday, September 07, 2014

Happy Father's Day + Party Tip

Happy Father's day to my awesome husband Julian and to my Dad. Also to any dad's out there reading. I hope everyone has a lovely day with their loved ones today xx

Today I'm off to my SILs (sister-in-law) baby shower. The theme was chosen before we even knew the gender. It is 'Little Man' theme - think bow ties & moustaches. This baby shower has been in the making for months, i'll be sure to share photos and printables with you soon. You may have seen on my instagram a couple of items I've made. I'm going to help set up then try sit back and enjoy a lovely day with yummy food.

{Party Tip}: When i set up my kids parties i lay all the platters/plates out and arrange them how i like the night before. I then add food labels so i know where everything is going and if i need more or less platters. If you're not doing food labels you could just write down the food on sticky notes or bits of paper.

The next day all i need to do is fill the plates up with their food. This saves me having to move around plates full of food or realising all the food doesn't fit on the table and so on.

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