Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Outside: Kids Play Area

We knew we wanted to create a fun play area for the kids, something that would last and go nicely in the backyard. Having the long planter box retaining wall along the back ment we had to come up with some ideas on how to use the space best. We discussed all our ideas and Julian did a quick scribble on paper. He built the entire thing himself within a week. I chose the colours and did all the painting. We are so happy with how it turned out, its made an otherwise 'useless' space very usable. 

All the green plastic items we got from Bunnings - slide, rock climbing wall, handles, telescope & steering wheel. I chose green as i felt it blended nicely with grass and plants. I didn't want red, yellow or blue as i felt they were too 'in your face'.

Master T easily climbs to the top and over. Miss S generally just climbs to the deck part unless we are close by. In the summer we will add some outdoor cushions for them to sit out on their deck. It will be an extra nice spot once the banana trees grow some more.

This is standing on the deck next to the chalk board. I love the size of the chalk board its fantastic for multiple kids to all be able to draw at once. (It was a bit rainy when i took the photos)

The kids have quite a nice view from the top of the playground.

Julian made this little fence to block the kids from walking across as there will be a water feature next to the Agave plant you see. You can see the lawn got a bit dead from us walking over it alot during the build. Hopefully once the sun gets back onto that part of the grass it will go green again.

We used artificial grass under the slide. Underneath is compacted cracker dust and the grass is nailed to a wooden frame so its all stays in place well.

This angle shows how the deck overhands the wall. We feel this gave a more complete look, it also create a ledge to climb onto from the rock climbing wall.

Darker Grey = Colorbond 'Basalt'
Lighter Grey - Colorbond 'Dune'
Wood is Merbau with Intergrain 'Merbau' Stain


Shannon @ Oh Creative Day said...

Love, love, love this outdoor play area! We need to landscape our backyard and have been discussing a kid's play area. Love the rock climbing wall! Love the chalkboard! Love it all!

Krissy said...

I am in LOVE with your play area!!! I am definitely sharing this with fiance as soon as he gets home tonight!!! Ahhhhhh, love it!

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