Friday, January 01, 2016

Master Bedroom Reveal

It's been a month or so now since I first mentioned on Facebook that I had given my master room as makeover and gave a little sneak peek. I got all new furniture, new linen, the lot! The only thing I didn't change was the wall paint (Dulux Flooded Gum).

I wanted my room to feel more airy and spacious and I think I have achieved this with smaller, lighter furniture and the soft colour scheme.

Here is a reminder of my bedroom before (click here). I loved the bright colour and I know this quilt cover set was/is popular but my new room is so much more 'me'.

  Bed Linen is all from Adairs except the throw is from Kmart
This is my bedside table - side tables are Kmart but I switched the handles to leather pulls from Interior Motives. I use the candle holder to hold my wedding rings when Im not wearing them.
 Hubby's side with a simple print I made in a marble frame from Spotlight. The pendants are from Beacon  - Husk 27cm
 Across from our is this set of drawers from Ikea. The large black vase was originally a citrus colour which matched our previous room.

 I was sent this lovely clock from Purely Wall Clocks which have pink/copper hands on wooden block.. it matches my room perfectly. You can get yours here
On the left is the vase of sand from our sand ceremony at our wedding. I made couple of prints to suit our room. The 08 represents our wedding date (08.08.08)
Lastly of course I kept our huge wedding photo. I changed the frame and moved to another wall. Not having a big shelf here has also helped open up the space.