Monday, March 30, 2015

The Block: Week 7 Master Bedroom & Dressing

I'll start with oh silly Charlotte & Josh. They decided not to use the bed from a previous challenge in any of their bedrooms so this week they were disqualified, which was extra crappy cause they got a perfect score of 30/30. I personally didn't love their space don't agree with the perfect score. But still none the less it would have been hard for them. I'm glad the wine saga is over. Dea & Darren have not done the dodgy and now Tim & Anastasia just look sour.... actually they have always looked sour... and smug.

Ok back the rooms - Ayden & Jess did improve a bit however I still feel their rooms just a bit too chucked together for me. If they took away the artwork and styled little better it would have been really nice as the bed and pendants looked pretty.

Tim & Anastasia room was boring, pretty much just like their other room and just like a hotel. I like more colour and depth to my bedroom. This is why i simply love Dea & Darren's. Navy blue is one of my favourite colours and it looked gorgeous in their room. I know some of you don't like Dea much as a person but you can't deny the woman knows how to style. Gorgeous!

Next week is kitchen week.. however does not sound like it's going to be all gorgeous flawless kitchens. Lets see if the judges are just being extra fussy

FIRST PLACE: Dea & Darren (again -1 point but they still won)

SECOND PLACE: Ayden & Jess

LAST PLACE: Tim & Anastasia 

DISQUALIFIED: Winners - Charlotte & Josh 

Do you think it was fair that Josh & Charlotte were disqualified this week? 

Monday, March 30, 2015

My ECLP - March

Another month has gone by, I swear it went really fast! This month inside my ECLP was lime green!! I am using the bottom of my pages for meal planning which has been working really well. I also use crayon sticky notes to remind of the topic for my son's school news.

You may have also seen my post about Lime & Mortar Etsy facebook page. This is where I will share new designs, give aways, discount codes, spot sales and more. There will be discount codes that are not always shared on here. Recently I put all my smaller designs onto sheets and got new packaging. Im now just waiting on few items like business cards to complete the new look.

Here is my month of March
Week 10 - Bit of rainbow happening. Id say there will be many rainbow themes as its so easy to work with.
Week 11 - Two of my favourite colours are lime and navy. I really loved this week and enjoyed seeing it daily.
Week 12 - Lots of green inspired by St Patrick's Day.
Week 13 - Monochrome with lime. Another combination I loved. I think I will be using monochrome a few more times as I enjoyed being able to use my black washi and stickers.

I've loaded quite a few new designs this past week. Remember if you would like different wording, sizing or completely custom sticker be sure to message me to discuss your ideas!

This month's discount code for orders over $10. Ends on Easter Monday!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Paint Colours

I thought i would share the paint colours of the exterior and interior of my home. With our builder we had to choose Solver colours for the exterior. We had the interior painted after handover so opted for Dulux (i prefer their colour range). Colorbond colours can be chosen for any paint brand.

The front dark grey render = 'Colorbond Woodland Grey'
The lighter grey render = Solver 'Dawn Grey'

Main interior colour = Dulux 'Silkwort' 1/4 strength
Master bedroom & feature walls in Master T's Room = Dulux 'Flooded Gum'
Study nib wall = Dulux 'Timeless Grey'
Feature in the lounge room = Colorbond 'Deep Ocean'

Tip: I chose Deep Ocean to match the artwork on the opposite wall in my lounge. To do this i got a range of navy blue paint cards and laid them on the artwork to choose one that matched the best.

When choosing a paint colour for inside your home its best to collect a range of paint sample cards. Even if you don't love them in the shop still bring them home. Stick them all up in the area you are painting and take down the ones you instantly do not like. Each day continue to take down ones you don't love until you're left with a few. Grab some sample pots and test them out, they can sometimes look bit different to paint cards (although i've never had this issue with Dulux). You may get down to one card which makes it very easy choice.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Recipe: Marvellous Cheesecake Balls

Our friend's birthday was a month ago. One of his favourite chocolates is the Cadbury Marvellous Creations - popping candy. I decided to create cheesecake balls using all the flavours. I used raspberry tim tams for hint raspberry taste (like the jelly bits), mini m&ms for the candy beanies, covered them in cadbury milk chocolate and sprinkled with popping candy. These were delicious and very much enjoyed by everyone!

1 Packet of Raspberry Tim Tams
1 Packet of Double Coat Tim Tams
1 Packet Mini M&Ms
250g Cream Cheese (cubed)
Cadbury Melts
Popping Candy

1) Place 5 raspberry tim tams and 4 double coat tim tams into food processor and blend.
2) Place crushed tim tams and cream cheese into kitchenaid (or can beat in a bowl). Blend to combine
3) Add in the mini m&ms and blend until combined again
4) Place mixture into the fridge to firm up a little and then roll into balls
5) Melt the cadbury melts over boiling water, roll each ball in the melted chocolate and place onto a tray lined with baking paper.
6) Sprinkle the balls with popping candy and place into fridge to set
7) Remove balls from fridge when ready to serve. These will go soft if left out when warm as they are cheesecake centres.

If you would like to save this recipe for later click the title and pin this image

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Colour Pop: Tribal Monochrome

I decided I wanted to do monochrome this week. Then I got searching and was noticing lots of aztec patterned items and loving the look so this monochrome board isn't the usual modern minimalist board. I call this tribal monochrome!

If you love this look it's all from 3 stores only!
a) Adairs - Montana Fur Throw
b) Adairs - Inca Cushion
c) Freedom - Pulse Vessel
d) Target - Lisa T Pen Cups
e) Adairs - Black Metal Clock
f) Freedom - Safi Frame
g) Adairs - Emerson Frame
h) Freedom - Cross Deco Statue
i) Freedom - Sleigh Chair
j) Freedom - Abode Deco House
k) Freedom - Mason Table Lamp
l) Freedom - Lattice Cushion
m) Freedom - Abode Deco House
n) Adairs - Arkana Marble
o) Target - Brooklyn Pillar Stand White
p) Target - Brooklyn Pillar Stand
q) Adairs - Nomad Rug
r) Freedom - Mediterranean Wall Panel

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Win 1 of 2 sets of Marble Coasters

Last week I shared an idea for DIY Marble Coasters, so many of you loved the idea I have decided to give away 2 sets of 4 marble coasters! You will have 2 chances to win ... read below for more details.

Facebook - simply tag a friend on the giveaway post. You can enter as many times as you like... just tag a different person per entry.

Instagram -  Follow limeandmortar, repost the image (#limemarble and tag a friend).

Competition is open to Australian followers only and entries close 11:59pm AWST Monday 30th March. The winners will be announced on Tuesday 31st March.
Facebook winner will be announced on Lime & Mortar Facebook Page. Instagram winner on Limeandmortar Instagram Page.

**Please note these marble coasters are handmade by me using the tutorial above. There may be slight imperfections but are still gorgeous!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Block: Week 6 Ensuites

This week we saw some very spacious ensuites. I thought my ensuite was spacious but it has nothing on them. Once again i have a bit of tile envy. I really loved Ayden & Jess's tiles, it added such a great interest to the room. I think a white, black or grey vanity would have probably worked better rather than fight for attention.
Now what is with Shaynna making excuses/reasons for the lack of storage in Charlotte & Josh's ensuite yet picked on everyone elses?! Hmmm I also getting a bit sick of the harsh judging on Dea and also Dea's subtle comments. Just move on ladies....

Charlotte & Josh along with Tim & Anastasia were able to take 1 point off a team and no guesses who they chose... Dea & Darren.. again!

Josh & Charlotte was my favourite this week as an overall bathroom

FIRST PLACE: Josh & Charlotte

SECOND PLACE: Dea & Darren

THIRD PLACE: Jess & Ayden

LAST PLACE: Tim & Anastasia

Which was your favourite ensuite?

PS. Did you see the ad for Reno Rumble?! Previous Block teams vs previous House Rules teams... renovate a house each per week. I'm really looking forward to that! Hopefully it's not just full of drama.