Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Block: Week 5 Living & Dining

Living  and dining week came with lots of dramas this week. I feel the judges were particularly harsh this week as well but their scores did not match their comments. None of them were stand out to me.... I like bits of pieces of each one. It is week's like these that make me think the wrong couples made it onto The Block. I liked Ayden & Jess's dining room and Dea & Darren's lounge room best.
The most drama free couple this week was Charlotte & Josh and despite having one point taken away they still won. Their first win!

FIRST PLACE: Charlotte & Josh

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Anonymous said...

I liked C&J's wood buffet thing in the corner and their dining table, hated the rest of the furniture, too stark to me. I didn't like anything of A&J, just not my style at all, though I could see some good ideas there. I only liked those paintings for A&T, but they are way too much for the space. And D&D, I liked it though I felt it was small and boring, not on the mark. Overall nothing stand out and I wouldn't have any of it in my new house.

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