Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wall Decals

I've used quite a few wall decals between my old house and my current house. Mostly only in the kids spaces but i have used a wall decal in my old laundry and now in my current study.
Wall decals are fantastic way to add character to a kids room specially if you want to keep the walls neutral. This way you can add bit of colour and/or interest without the need to paint.

There is a huge range of shops and online stores you can purchase wall decals from. Though becareful with the cheaper ebay ones. I've only purchased a robot one from ebay and it didn't stick properly and the sticker itself was quite thick so i removed it and had My Friend Matilda recreate the wall decal for me (its now a stocked item). I prefer the very thin ones so once applied its almost like paint.

The decals below are all from My Friend Matilda & The Wall Sticker Company

I have gold triangle decals on their way for the study and silver polka dots for when i redo the kids play zone. I ordered them from US companies so I'm looking forward to seeing what the quality is like and how the metallic stickers look. I'm sure applying them in straight lines is going to be the hardest part.

Gemmie GiraffeChalkboard CalendarTree with BirdsRobotTree with MonkeyChandelier with Birds

Tips when applying wall decals:
  • Do not apply to freshly painted walls- wait a minimum of 3 weeks
  • Clean the wall with a damp cloth to remove any dust - allow wall to completely dry
  • Use a bank card to remove air bubbles as your apply
  • When removing the backing paper/plastic don't pull it out from the wall, slide is down along the wall. This helps avoid pulling the sticker away from the wall
  • If you want to remove the wall sticker use a hair dryer to heat glue as you remove

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Block: Week 9 - Outdoor Terraces

Every space was so different this week. I love greenery so the more lush gardens i saw the happier i was. I'll admit i did not like Shannon & Simons  terrace.... really who wants to look at the bottom of the pots?! I also didn't like Chris & Jenna's, perhaps id feel different if was all finished and once all the ivy has grown. I felt neutral about Carlene & Michael's - It was a nice space i just wasn't in love with it. I did however LOVE Maxine & Karstan's and Dee & Darrens so i will focus on them.

I'll start with Dee & Darren's as they got a perfect score of 30/30 (before a point was removed) which made them this week's winner! I simply love how lush it was, i loved how inviting it looked. The blues worked perfectly with the wood, greys and fresh green plants.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Great Idea: Personalised Cards

I discovered Hallmark personlised cards years ago. I love to get them for kids 1st birthdays as i know most parents keep all the cards. They are always very well received! Personlised cards are also fantastic for weddings, anniversaries or any occasion really.

With the personalised cards depending on the style you can edit the name, age and/or add a photo. Also delivery is FREE so its no more expensive then purchasing a hallmark card in store.

Here is Miss S's card for this year. She is very much a little princess! You can get this design HERE. I got to add her name, castle name, date of birth & her age.

For kids i also like to add couple of sheets of stickers to their cards. It makes opening the card a little more exciting and its particularly good if you're posting just a card to someone as no extra postage is required. I have a range of sticker pads which you can get at reject shop, red dot etc for around $2.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Miss S's Nursery

When i found out i was pregnant with a baby girl i decide i did not want to do a pink nursery. I wanted something different. I already had few red things left over from Master T's nursery so i decided on a red/grey/white theme. Turns out Miss S is the girlest girl so plenty of pink was used in her big girl bedroom.

I wanted to keep things quite simple as the rooms were quite small. We moved into our first build when i was 20 weeks pregnant with Miss S so most the money was going into finishing the house so i kept the budget low.

You can still create a lovely room on a tight budget

Tip: If your have the cot in a corner you can use a single bed valance on the cot and just tuck bunch remaining fabric in the corner. This is what i did as i couldn't find a plain white cot valance.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Recipe: Easy Butter Chicken

This easy butter chicken is so quick and easy to make. Great for a weeknight meal when you don't have a lot of time (or energy). I serve mine with steamed broccoli but it would go lovely with rice or papadums too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Block: Kids Rooms

Kids bedrooms can be hard to decorate. Whilst you want them to look pretty/stylish you also need them to be practical. It really also comes down to a kid's personality. Some kids will touch, destroy and mess and others will just leave things be. 

I think bright colours are lovely in a kid's bedroom, its one space you really can have fun with. Use your kid's interests, favourite colours or something that suits their personality. 

On The Block on Tuesday the couples made over a kids bedroom for Children First Charity. The rooms needed to be suitable for both gender's and a range of ages.

I've listed them in my favourite order. Who was your favourite kids room?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Colour Pop: Black

Black never goes out of fashion. It adds instant drama and depth to a room. Black will make any bright colours near it 'pop'. If using a lot of black in a room use textures to stop the room feeling 'cold'.

a) Kmart - Cement Bird
b) Lark - Large Hello Sign
c) Domayne - Aura Triangle Cushion
d) Pillow Talk - Jil Vase
e) Ikea - Socker Herb Garden
f) Adairs - Hotel Royale Towel
g) Domayne - Blackboard Jars
h) Lark - Wire Wall Basket
i) Matt Blatt - Eames Chair
j) Country Road - Via Hurricane
k) Target - Storage Shelf Unit
l) Ikea - Gestalta Artist Dummy
m) Freedom - Fete 2 Handle Basket
n) KitchenAid - Onyx Black
o) Domayne - Cake Stand
p) Domayne - Medicine Tin
q) Cotton On - Small Cross
r) Lark - Small Folding Crate
s) Country Road - Larsa Hurricane Candle
t) Spotlight - Morocco Cushion
u) Freedom - Kelly Side Table
v) Target - Smooth Pillar Candle
w) Kmart - Wire Flamingo
x) Kmart - Tripod Lamp
y) Lark - Hello Doormat

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Think Outside The Purpose

Recently when shopping in Target i came across a very shiny pretty tealight candle holder. I don't really use candles so my mind instantly though 'this would be a great ring dish on my bedside table'. So i purchased it and did just that.

This then got me thinking what else do i use at home that was not its original purpose

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Block: Week 8 - Ensuites

Wow sure was some drama at the end of this weeks show!

I liked all the ensuites this week except the glossiness of Maxine & Karstan's. I felt sorry for Jenna & Chris... such a silly mistake telling the mirror guy the wrong date then having to rush it at the end. They did so well otherwise. I wonder if those 3D tiles would collect a lot of dust?!

The boys plan of using that wooden bath for the win paid off as they were this week's winners. Sounds like they now have a healthy budget so i expect an awesome outdoor terrace. I liked the softness of the wooden bath with splash of gold using the ceramic stool.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shop: Lark Store

I came across this online store called Lark Store. There is a large range of items and most are different to what I've seen before. There is homewares, gift ideas, stationery, children decor and so much more to discover! Lark Store have a pop up shop coming in 2014 (location has not been released yet) - i wish it was in WA... a girl can dream. But that's ok the online shop is open all year round.

I went through and put together the items that caught my eye and i would use in my own home. I want the wire wall baskets for my study to hold bills and paperwork. I like the hello sign and dolls for the kids play zone. My new love for gold drew me to the prints. The rest just got my attention and i really like them.

Did you know about this store? Have you purchased anything?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Nephew's Nursery Photos

A few weeks ago i posted a mood board of the items i had purchased for my nephew's nursery.

Last weekend at the baby shower and took some photos of the nursery. It is quite a small room but it has everything baby and mum needs.

Rug from Kmart

Friday, September 19, 2014

Recipe: Choc Mint Biscuit Balls

Chocolate and mint is one of my favourite combos. I've made these balls a few times and they go quickly. It's a bit of a messy recipe rolling the balls. I think it would make a great slice. I'm going to play around adding rice bubbles or more biscuits to get it to a slice consistency.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Block: Re-do Rooms

Last night i only just switched on The Block as they were going through showing the re-do rooms. I feel they rushed through them so quick i didn't get to take in all the changes. So i jumped online to have a proper look. I really love the changes made in each space. Dee & Darren's and the boys are my favourites. I can see a huge improvement in both those rooms. Did you feel like you didn't get a good look? Not to worry, I've put together some before/afters of each re-do room.

Whose room do you think has the best improvement?

Dee & Darren's Master Room

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gift Idea: Growing Books

Last month i ordered a DIY kit from Growing Books. In the kit you get everything you need minus the plant (those cannot be posted). You can select your colour combinations on the website and they select books to match - or email if there's a colour combination you'd like. There is also option to add a candle.

Purchase a succulent from local nursery, Bunnings or Masters. Or you may already have some growing in garden and could cut some off.

I ordered this one for a friend's birthday present. She absolutely loves books and this will look lovely in her library.

The 'white' candle looked a bit purple against the colours of the books so i purchased a creamy white one instead.

You can purchase yours from Growing Books website or if you live in NSW they are often at The Olive Tree Market and Bondi Markets.

Im really fussy with colours and book titles so Julian and I have collected some old hardcover books in nice titles and colours and going to attempt to make our own for our home. We are thinking of putting a bonsai in one for the study.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Come Get Lost in Pinterest World

I love pinterest... i really enjoy looking for ideas or just admiring pretty interiors or delicious food. Sometimes i get lost in pinterest world and probably get a little pin crazy.

The other week i shared Lime & Mortar's pinterest link but it was a seperate account which only contained images from the blog. I've now decided I'm going to share my personal account - you will get to know what i like and where i get my ideas from. I have pin boards for kids party themes, interiors, garden, food, good ideas and so much more.

You can pin any image from my blog by hovering your mouse over the image to see the 'pin it' button. Please try have the image link back to original post rather than home page.

I will be going through and giving it a tidy up and adding more boards over next few weeks. Come join me!

Click the image to be taken to my account

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Colour Pop: Silver

Silver is a metallic that goes with pretty much every colour. It's timeless and can be used in many different interior styles. Silver can be very modern when shiny, but more classic when its brushed or matte. I love to add metallic to rooms using silver (although i do have a soft spot for gold at the moment... shhh don't tell Silver)

Be sure to come over to Facebook and vote for next week's colour pop!

a) Freedom - Cruz Mirror
c) Cotton On - Diamond Bookends
d) Bunnings - Cubo Light Fitting
e) Freedom - Universe Canvas 
f) Freedom - Bahama Pineapple
i) Beacon - Axle Table Lamp
j) Domayne - Cake Stand
k) Ikea - Songe Mirror
l) Kitchenaid - Sugar Pearl
m) Pillow Talk - Mia Vases
n) Freedom - Cleopatra Side Table
o) Ikea - Mahult Frame
r) Freedom - Glitz Table Runner
s) Freedom - Glitz Coasters
t) Masters - Ceramic Pot
u) Uashmama - Metallic Bag Stack
w) Target - Lisa T Skull

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spring Clean List - Part Two

How did you go with Spring Clean List - Part One? Did you complete most the tasks?

Here is Part Two for the Spring Clean List. I've added a fun task for the last day, you deserve cake at the end of this. Be sure to follow on Facebook if you would like daily reminders with tips/ideas.

A reader suggested a Mini Challenge List for those who are time poor (or need more motivation) but would still like to feel productive. Just simply choose any task and complete it. You may choose one a day, or one a week - it's completely up to you.

For those doing the Spring Clean List here are some extra tasks for you to complete!

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Block: Week 7 - Dining & Lounge Rooms

There was many different styles of dining and lounge rooms last night most featured blues and greys. I really like Maxine & Karstan's space with all that natural light and the simplicity. Whilst Chris & Jenna were once again slammed by the judges i actually really loved their colour palette. Those blue artworks were lovely.

Congratulations to Carlene & Michael for their third win in a row. I really liked all the colour in their space. I would love to colour code bookshelves like that but it's not practical for my study but it looks so pretty. It was unfortunate they didn't have a dining room but i think they came up with a good solution for the space they had to work with.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Little Man Baby Shower

Last weekend was my SILs baby shower. We spent months planning and getting items together for the big day. Unfortunately the weather was against us but with a few tarps it was fine. This is the first time I've helped with a party that's not at my own house.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reader's Room: Main Living

This weeks Reader's Room belongs to Scott & Jackie. It goes perfectly with this weeks Orange Colour Pop. Scott loves black as you can probably see from the photos. Rather than a light and airy space this is quite a moody stylish space. The orange was used to add warmth to the grey and black.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Recipe: Cauliflower Pizza Base

I've been looking forward to trying cauliflower pizza base. I was worried it would just fall apart and I'd have to sit and eat with a knife and fork. To my surprise you can pick up a piece and eat as normal. Sure its a little floppy but it stays together. This is delicious and a great alternative to anyone wanting to reduce carbs, gluten free or sneaky way to get extra veges into the kids.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Are You Adventurous On Holiday?

In early 2008 Julian and I went to Thailand for a month. This was my first overseas holiday. I was born overseas in UK but we left in 1994 when i was 6 years old (I'm now 27) and i hadn't been outside Australia since.
I was quite anxious about travelling overseas but i was able put that aside as i was with Julian and he had traveled a bit when he was in the Navy. Once we were actually in Thailand that anxiety vanished and suddenly we were doing all kinds of adventurous activities like white water rafting, holding snakes, shooting ranges, snorkeling and so much more.

Snorkeling was a big deal to me as I'm scared of deep water. As teenager i was taken out by a rip past the waves. I couldn't get anyones attention, i don't think they could see me. I was getting tired as i could not reach the bottom. I'm so lucky i was with a friend and she went back to shore and found a man with surfboard to come get me. Julian and I went kayaking once and i made us stay near edge of river so i could see the bottom of the water. Look at me sharing all my secrets

Back to the holiday. . . We went on a tour and part of it was feeding the elephants. The tour guide asked who would like a elephant massage... a massage from an elephant... seriously?! No one would do it but for some reason i stood up and went for it. I laid on the ground and waited for this enormous animal to do his thing. Amazingly the elephant gently tapped his foot along my back, so softly. He also then sucked my arm - apparently an elephant kiss.

What's the most adventurous thing you have done on holiday??

I have my eyes tightly closed and i was laughing... a lot. Nervous laugh perhaps?!

The Kiss

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Colour Pop: Orange

Orange has recently become popular. It looks fantastic with black & greys, i also like it with navy blue. Orange adds warmth to the room. A different twist to orange would be coral.

Vote for next week's Colour Pop on Facebook Page today

b) Target - Bubble Up Cushion
c) Officeworks - Neon Tv Clock
d) Lime Gifts - Studio Cannisters
f) Pillow Talk - Ocre Spot Cushion
g) Freedom - Quebit Candle Holder
i) KitchenAid - Orange
j) Officeworks - Spencer Drawer Cabinet
k) Vast Interiors - Ceramic Stool
l) Officeworks - Vorso Chair
m) Target - Granduer Bath Sheet
n) Kmart - House Lantern
o) Spotlight - Nelio Hurricane 
p) Kenwood - Kmix Kettle
q) Kmart - Aztec Rug
s) Freedom - Braiden Throw
t) Freedom - Rattle Basket
u) Domayne - Studio Soup Bowl

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Inside My Walk In Wardrobe

Weeks ago i posted my Wardrobe Fit Out. I have now filled it back up and taken some photos. It's quite hard space to get photos of but i tried my best. This included burying myself in dresses at one point. I'm so in love with my wardrobe, i take a moment to admire it each morning and evening. The novelty hasn't worn off, i hope it never does!

The entrance

My Side

Stripey baskets from The Reject Shop
Cane Baskets from Freedom
Pineapple from Kmart 
Silver 'Paper' Bag from Uashmama

Monday, September 08, 2014

Putting a Face to My Name

I have a confession. . I've been putting off sharing a photo myself on here (or instagram and FB) but im taking the leap - It's time to put a face to my name

I'm really not a fan of being in front of the camera, i find it awkward and often don't like the photos. But whilst getting ready to go out yesterday Miss S asked 'Mummy have photos with me' . . . how could i say no?! So we took selfies (it's quite hard to balance the DSLR in one hand), Miss S giggled, kissed and cuddled her way through the photos. I really need to do this more often.

This is me (and my gorgeous girl)

Monday, September 08, 2014

The Block: Week 6 - Kitchen

One of my most favourite reveals on the block is kitchen week. The kitchens are always so big and luxurious. I usually do a 'create this look' post on Mondays but unless you have a huge space to put a huge kitchen that wont work well this week. So today I'm going to share all the kitchens and what i like most about them. They were all so different and scored highly.

Congratulations to Carlene & Michael and Shannon & Simon on both winning this week.

**Please note i have permission to use these images 

Carlene & Michael's Kitchen
I liked how they did the island cabinets white as they black would have felt too heavy. The pendants added glamour whilst the wooden touches softened the space.


Sunday, September 07, 2014

Happy Father's Day + Party Tip

Happy Father's day to my awesome husband Julian and to my Dad. Also to any dad's out there reading. I hope everyone has a lovely day with their loved ones today xx

Today I'm off to my SILs (sister-in-law) baby shower. The theme was chosen before we even knew the gender. It is 'Little Man' theme - think bow ties & moustaches. This baby shower has been in the making for months, i'll be sure to share photos and printables with you soon. You may have seen on my instagram a couple of items I've made. I'm going to help set up then try sit back and enjoy a lovely day with yummy food.

{Party Tip}: When i set up my kids parties i lay all the platters/plates out and arrange them how i like the night before. I then add food labels so i know where everything is going and if i need more or less platters. If you're not doing food labels you could just write down the food on sticky notes or bits of paper.

The next day all i need to do is fill the plates up with their food. This saves me having to move around plates full of food or realising all the food doesn't fit on the table and so on.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Reader's Room: Girly Nursery

You may remember Bec's Sewing Room, this week is her daughter Emma's nursery. It's very easy to go ultra girly and make all things pink. However i think the balance of pink in this room is great with only the one wall pink with some pink and red touches. The nursery was designed around the bed linen which happens to be called 'Emma'. Some things are ment to be. 

Walls are Dulux 'Silkwort' and Dulux 'Nursery' 1/2 strength (very suitable name). The birdcage on the drawers was the wishing well at Bec's wedding.

 Drawers: Ikea Hemnes 

 Print made by: Cub and Bunny

Friday, September 05, 2014

Recipe: Cookies & Cream Rocky Road

I love love love Cookies & Cream Rocky Road - the combo of white creamy chocolate, oreo, toasted coconut & soft marshmallow. This is a treat that not many can walk away from. You've been warned!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Caution Tape Cake Tutorial

When looking up ideas for a construction idea cake i came across this caution tape round cake. I showed the idea to Julian and said i wanted to achieve this look. We read the instructions and Julian suggested we make square cakes so when we cut the end piece off it look like the tape rather than cut pieces of a round cake. Made total sense to me so i worked out how we would do this.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Colour Pop: Pink

This week's Colour Pop is oh so girly! Pink doesn't have to be for little girls only... there's currently quite a lot of pink home decor items. Although most our husband's prob wouldn't like pink everywhere you can certainly add a few items. My pink items are in my study.

a) Beacon - Lace Table Lamp
b) Freedom - Network Deco Bowl
c) Target - Plain Rib Cushion
d) Freedom - Bleeker St Pendant
e) Freedom - Zeta Cushion
f) Freedom - Zedd Cactus
g) Pillow Talk - Vaughan Ribbed Vase
h) KitchenAid - Raspberry Ice
i) Spotlight - Sentsia Triple Soy Candle
j) Harvey Norman - Kmix Kettle
k) Pillow Talk - Sundae Toiletry Set
l) Ikea - LOSJON Toothbrush Mug
m) Cotton On - Shadow Box Frame
n) Officeworks - Vintage Polka Dot Tins
o) Freedom - Molecule Deco Ball
p) Officeworks - Neon Tv Clock
q) Matt Blatt - Replica Ghost Chair
r) Cotton On - Wire Mag Holder
s) Pillow Talk - Britannia Throw
t) Ikea - GESTALTA Artist Dummy
u) Kmart - Pack of 3 Cube Storage
v) Pillow Talk - Hermosa Bottle Range
w) Kikki K - Chore Pad
x) Target - Watercolour Floral Cushion
y) Ikea - VARAKTIG Candle
z) Cotton On - Pineapple Cushion
A) Pillow Talk - Cobb Photo Frame
B) Freedom - Rainbow Tealight

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Outside: Kids Play Area

We knew we wanted to create a fun play area for the kids, something that would last and go nicely in the backyard. Having the long planter box retaining wall along the back ment we had to come up with some ideas on how to use the space best. We discussed all our ideas and Julian did a quick scribble on paper. He built the entire thing himself within a week. I chose the colours and did all the painting. We are so happy with how it turned out, its made an otherwise 'useless' space very usable.