Monday, September 28, 2015

The Block-tagon: Week 3 Master Room and WIR

I cant say I love anyone's style so far this season. None of the master rooms were that nice. The WIR's however were lovely. Shay & Dean's is probably my favourite this week. I really dislike Carlo & Kingi's bed in middle of room. The graffiti makes it feel a bit like a teenagers room. Whilst Ebony & Luke may not be doing so well I love that they at least try to use colour.

The girls got a perfect score of 30/30 for their room this week making them winners!

FIRST PLACE: Suzi & Vonni

SECOND PLACE: Caro & Kingi

THIRD PLACE: Shay & Dean

FOURTH PLACE: Luke & Ebony

LAST PLACE: Andy & Whitney

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Block-tagon: Week 2 Guest Room & Ensuite

This week was guest room and ensuite. Again those odd room shapes would be so hard to work with. Dean & Shay where this week's winners again by only 1 point! Guess blowing all that money on their bathroom in first week doesn't matter as much now they have won back $20k!

Sad to see Ebony & Luke in last place. I hope they can find more confidence and kick butt soon.

FIRST PLACE: Shay & Dean

SECOND PLACE: Caro & Kingi

THIRD PLACE: Suzi & Vonni

FORTH PLACE: Whitney & Andy

LAST PLACE: Luke & Ebony (love the sense of humour)

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