Friday, October 31, 2014

Recipe: Lemon & Coconut Slice

A couple of weeks ago i posted 5 recipes from Create Bake Make and asked for you to choose which one i should try. I decided to go ahead with the Lemon & Coconut Slice as it fit perfectly with the lemonade stand party planned for Miss S's birthday. This slice was delicious! Perfect amount of lemon.


50g Butter
395g Can of Condensed Milk
1 TBS Lemon Juice
250g Plain Sweet Biscuits
1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1¾ cup Icing Sugar
2 TBS Lemon Juice

Optional: Shredded coconut for the top

1) Crush all the biscuits using food processor or rolling pins
2) Melted the butter and condensed milk over low heat until smooth. Mix in the lemon juice.
3) Place the crushed biscuits and coconut into a bowl and mix together. Add the milk/butter mix
4) Put the biscuit in a lined tin and press down firmly and evenly with a metal spoon.
5) Over low heat mix icing sugar & lemon juice. Mix until smooth
6) Pour straight over the base and spread it evenly across the top. Sprinkle on shredded coconut
7) Put the slice into the fridge for 3 hours or until set. Cut into whatever size you like to serve.

Tips: My slice base didn't set hard.. it was a little soft and bit sticky. I think this is because i used shortbread. I would suggest using Marie biscuits which is what i wanted but the supermarket had sold out so i thought id give the shortbread biscuits a go. It was still easily sliced and served plus super tasty!

If you'd like to save this recipe for later click on the title and pin this image:

This recipe is from Create Bake Make and shared in my own words and photos with permission. Be sure to head over to see more delicious recipes!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Make: Cupcake Chocolate Shell

Last weekend was Miss S's 3rd birthday party. I made a giant cupcake along with lots matching smaller ones (lots of party photos to be posted on Sunday). I wanted the giant cupcake to look finished. I had a few options - tie some ribbon around the base, ice the base or i could make a chocolate shell to get a nice professional look.

This shell was so easy to make! You too can also achieve a professional looking giant cupcake. All you need is a silicone giant cupcake mould and a bag of candy melts in your chosen colour (or chocolate melts).

Melt the packet of melts over boiling water and stir until smooth

Pour the melts into the base of the silicone case and spread the chocolate up the sides and base. I used a silicone brush to do this but if you dont have a brush your can use the back of a metal spoon. Once its coated thickly all over leave aside to harden (do not put in the fridge).

Once hard pull away and all edges all the the way around. Next peel down the silicone then fully remove it. Now you have your cupcake shell!

You will need to trim the base of your cake to fit inside the chocolate shell.

I was given the silicone mould as a gift but you can purchase one HERE

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Colour Pop: Lime

I have been looking forward to doing this colour pop - LIME!!!!
Lime green goes really well with all neutral bases whether it be greys, browns, black, whites and so on. Green has a calming effect and is said to be the most restful colourful for the eye. Navy blue from last week goes really well with lime.

a) Ikea - Apple Candle
b) Domayne - Noodle Bowl
c) DTLL - Felt Planter Pod
d) Officeworks - Wall Clock
e) Ikea - Bamboo Bowl
f) Splosh - Woodwick Candle
g) Domayne - Die Green Vase
h) Ikea - Deer Statue
i) Fresh Decor - Canister Set
j) Beacon - Mac Table Lamp
k) KitchenAid - Green Apple
l) Domayne - Hurricane Lantern
m) Matt Blatt - Replica Chair
n) Domayne - Orla Kiely Plate
o) Officeworks - Printed Scissors
p) Beacon - Miami Table Lamp
q) Myer - Fresco Drum Stool
r) Domayne - Milk Bottle
s) Officeworks - Desk Organiser
t) Freedom - Pair Deco Bowl
u) Domayne - Giant Peg
v) Freedom - Celine Vessel
w) Adairs - Leme Placemats

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Is Your Bathroom Too Steamy?

My shower screens don't stay clean long, the water here is 'hard' and it marks the glass easily. I was asked to do a Product Talk by Nuffnang about a product that may be the answer to my problem!

The Vileda Magical system (which includes a water-repellent spray and microfibre cloth):
  • prevents dirt and water marks in your bathroom
  • is ANTI-FOG on glass, showers and mirrors - the spray creates a clear film on the windows that prevents them from fogging and helps the water to drip off easier (like a waxed car) 

I decided to test it out on my ensuite mirrors as they can fog up which makes it hard to use afterwards. I sprayed on the product and wiped with the provided microfibre cloth. I was bit disappointed at this point as it made my mirrors look bit smeary and streaky. Later on once cloth was dry i went back over mirrors and they came up much better. I assume i could have just used another micro fibre cloth but i wanted to only use what was provided.

BEFORE i used Vildea Magical system and AFTER

I was/am seriously impressed with the results. The mirror stayed completely clear. You can see the corner i couldn't quite reach and that part still fogged up.

I also used it on top half of my shower screen door. I only did half so i can see how obvious the difference was. Again i was really happy with the results, you can clearly see where i used the product and where i did.. I'm going to now use all over the shower screens and see if it's the answer to my shower screens getting water marks all the time.

Would i recommend this product? Absolutely!

You can purchase your Vileda Magical System from Woolworths or Big W - RRP $9.99

To see the Vileda Magical system in use have a look at Episode 7 of 'Where's Julia?'.
Be sure to check out Vileda's Facebook page for more information and the occasional giveaway:

Disclaimer: I received complementary products for review purpose. However my opinions expressed are honest and entirely of my own.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Is Watermelon The New Pineapple?

Pineapple was and still is very popular. But with summer fast approaching im noticing more and more watermelon. I think pineapple is more versatile in homewares as it can be any colour and you'll still recognise the shape as a pineapple. But with watermelon it generally is in the pink/green combo so you can easily identify it was watermelon.

Both bring a lovely feel of summer into the home. I have a pineapple jar in my wardrobe and some pineapple items in my study. I think it need to add some watermelon too. I really love the Toucan watermelon print... the touch of gold with the pink is stunning!

So tell me, are you Team Watermelon or Team Pineapple??


a) Toucan - Watermelon Print
b) Typo - Archer Case
c) Lime Tree Kids - Felt Rug
d) Lime Tree Kids - Wall Decals
e) DTLL - Happy Watermelon Cushion
f) White Forest Home - Print
g) Typo - Printed Cushion
h) Typo - Shape It Case
i) Corner Store - Watermelon Lamp
j) Typo - Notebook
k) Lime Tree Kids - Doormat

a) Typo - Chalkboard
b) Lark - Pineapple Ice Cubes
c) Typo - Lanterns
d) Typo - Porcelain Lamp
e) Lark - Pineapple Lamp
f) Kmart - Pineapple Jar
g) Typo - Notebook
h) Target - Outdoor Cushion
i) Freedom - Bahama Bowl
j) Target - Cookie Jar
k) DTLL - Tropical Cushion
l) Typo - Wire Pineapple
m) DTLL - Pineapple Print

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reader's Room: Master Bedroom

Fiona wanted to make over her room with fresh paint, curtains and new bed linen. The linen is nice and bright and colourful - you may recognise it from my master room. This is a good example of how to use the same bed linen in different ways. Adding different accessories such as throw or different cushions can change the feeling of bed linen. The walls are painted in Dulux Dieskau (walls) and Dulux Vivid White (trims).

Fiona has plans to change the window one day but for now the yellow matches the room quite nicely

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shop: Down That Little Lane

A few weeks ago i asked over on the facebook page for some online store recommendations so i could look and share some of my favourite picks. Down That Little Lane was one of the suggestions. I have shopped at DTLL before when i got my kids personalised world map so i was more than happy to spend some time looking through the items.

Today Im going to share my fav items for the home. I will share my favourite items for kids another week. Looking at this board i realised i have a thing for planters & wire at the moment.

a) Geo Wire Lightshade
b) Charcoal Abstract Cushion
c) Silver Moroccan Pouffe 
d) Cloud Trio Mobile
e) Chalkboard Calendar Wall Decal
f) Wire Stars - Set of 2
g) Felt Ball Garland - Navy Lime
h) Cloud Shelf
i) Ceramic Jelly Mould Planter
j) Large Wire Letters
k) Choc Chip Cookies in a Bottle
l) Bottle Gardens
m) Concrete Succulent Planters - rectangles are my favourite

Friday, October 24, 2014

Recipe: Raspberry & White Choc Shortbread

When i saw this Raspberry & White Choc Shortbread i knew i had to make it. My Gran is over from the UK and I've only see her once in the 20 years ive been in Australia. We had a family lunch on Monday so i thought this slice would be perfect to take along.

The slice was very quick and easy to make. It looked and tasted amazing. I recommend serving with cream as the shortbread is rich. Plus cream makes everything extra nice!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top 10 Halloween Crafts

As the kids get older the more they are noticing special occasions such as Easter, Birthdays, Christmas and this year Halloween. My kids LOVE to dress up, infact Miss S is going through a phase of only wearing princess & fairy dresses at home.
I'm not too interested in taking them trick or treating but i think ill do some crafts with them or have a special little halloween night at home. I welcome trick or treaters though and have plenty of lollies. My old house i had NO trick or treaters, im hoping we will get some here at this house.

Next year im planning to have Miss S's 4th birthday on halloween weekend and will do a full halloween party with adults and kids dressing up. I have already started to collect things (yes a year ahead). Call me Mrs Over Organised!

I have been busy pinning ideas. I'm going to share my top 10 craft/food ideas in no particular order... you can see more HERE

Click on the image to be taken to the original source to see more photos and instructions.

Decorate glass bowls using black vinyl or tape

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Colour Pop: Navy

Navy blue is my favourite blue to use at home. It goes really well with the lime green. There aren't many (if any?) colours that don't go well with navy. It is a very sophisticated colour and will compliment most interior decor styles. 

Click image to enlarge

a) Lark Store - Kip & Co Towel
e) Ikea - Pepper Mill
f) Freedom - Luka Cushion
g) Country Road - Tapas Mug
i) Freedom - Guille Table Lamp
j) KitchenAid - Blueberry
k) Country Road - Cannister
o) Interiors Online - Scarborough Trunk Set
p) Lark Store - Stitched Quilt
q) Icon Homwares - Jab Polka Plates
r) Kmart - Trellis Rug
s) Lazy Bones - Rosette Cushion
t) Earth Homewares - Bubble Vases
v) Ikea - Plant Pot

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hello To October's Sponsors

Im really happy to have these lovely sponsors this month. I met these lovely ladies on my clever cookie course. Let me introduce you to their fantastic blogs (you'll remember Jess from yesterdays kitchen makeover post). 

Our Urban Box - Fleur along with her family are about to build a family home which im really looking forward to following their journey. Fleur shares her life with us - everything from fashion, home, parenting and more.

A Little Part of The World - Jess is a wife and mother of 2. She created her blog to record her journey as a mum. She has a wide range of interests including fashion, home, food and photography. You're sure to read a wide range of topics.

Gee You're Brave - Michelle has backpacked around the world with her husband and daughter. They settled back in Australia and her son was born. Michelle shares her travel, parenting & life. Adventures dont end with children they only really

Life at Number Five - Lauren lives just outside canberra in her forever home with her husband and fur-baby. Join Lauren as she shares her travel, ideas and thoughts.

Found any new blogs recently? Let me know so i can also discover them!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gorgeous Kitchen Make Over

I met so many lovely bloggers on the clever cookie course. One of them was Jess from 'A Little Part of the World'. I asked if i could share her kitchen renovation with you as the transformation is amazing!

Jess bought her house from a couple who had lived their for over 40 years. As you can see the kitchen was very old, it was dark and cluttered. As part of the make over Jess had doorways added, openings enlarged and bulkheads removed. Also clearly fresh paint too which brightens the entire area immensely.

What a huge improvement!

See more of this gorgeous kitchen and supplier info here!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Collections (or Obessions?!)

I'm taking part in the FMS Gift Exchange and was asked this week if i have any collections.
I started to think about what do i actually collect? Seems silly i know cause obviously i should know if im collecting something. I knew the cookbooks were a collection as ive been receiving them as gifts from Julian (or i buy for him) over the last 7 years. However the other 3 are fairly recent.. i think i consider them more as obessions. I simply cant help myself!

My cookbook collection started with the cupcake book. My mum gave it to me as an engagement present. Over time Julian and I have purchased them for anniversaries or other occasions. We write little notes in the front of them. I love these books because they come in a rainbow of colours and are a good size. You can find these books HERE - plus many book shops.

I cant help but buy washi tape when i see it in shops as well as multiple orders on ebay (so cheap). There are many people who have no idea what washi tape is. Washi tape is a decorative paper tape - can tear it, write on it, decorate with it and so much more. If you look on pinterest there are so many ideas. There are many people who simply love washi tape, like me!

Looking at this photo i need more orange and red!

I currently store my washi tape in a basket on my study shelves but i have got plans to make a washi tape holder to put my favourites on display. I will share a tutorial for the holder with you once complete.

I started to collect Sonny Angels a month or so ago. I kept seeing them appear in kids decor photos and i thought they were so cute. So i went searching for them and discovered Sonny Angel dolls come inside a sealed box, in that box is a seal foil bag containing the doll. You never know which doll you will get. I love surprises so i had to order some! There are many ranges - each range contains 12 dolls (plus a secret doll).

I'm collecting these for Miss S and got this great shadow box shelf from Lime Tree Kids to display them on her wall in her bedroom in the near future.

The one next to the reindeer is the 'secret' doll from the fruit collection. 
There's less than 100 in the world!

 Many spots to fill... i already have another 6 on the way.
I may add backgrounds to the squares one day.

ETA: 18th March - Our full Sonny Angel collection

My most recent collection obsession is stickers for my Erin Condren Life Planner that i ordered last week ready for 2015. I've been using my phone last few years to keep track of everything. However since starting Lime & Mortar ive started to write down things more often. I think im going to love having a paper planner, especially since i can make it so pretty with so many stickers.
I've made most the stickers myself and the rest i have purchased printable files from etsy. I have plans to share my decorated pages as a weekly post in the new year. 

ETA: March 18th - I enjoyed making stickers so much i now design and create my own. You can purchase my planner stickers at my etsy shop limeandmortar - Click Here

You can personalise your covers with photos, your name or whatever wording you'd like . You can also order extra covers to change the look of your planner throughout the year. The top cover will say 'Leanne's Planner' and the bottom cover will say 'My Year 2015'. The planner comes with stickers, forget me not book and a few other items.

**This is not a sponsored post. I just love all the items and had to share them with you.

What do you collect??

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shop: Little Lola Boutique

Little Lola Boutique is a Perth based shop where you will find a collection of hand picked children's items from boutiques, organic products, handmade labels and Australian designers. There is a large range of kids wooden toys and other great goodies such as the rainbow pom pom garland i purchased recently for the kids play zone.

Christmas is fast approaching, it's time to make sure you've got the kids presents organised. I love to get my kids a few items that are a bit different. I especially love wooden toys! Wooden toys are always very well received by the parents and kids. I've chosen some items from Little Lola to share with you below that i know my kids would love!

Little Lola Boutique are offering Lime & Mortar's readers some great discounts!

Items under $100 you will receive 5% discount using code 'lime5'.  Any item over $100 you'll get 10% discount using code 'lime10'

** Discount applies only to the items featured below

a) Grocery Store Small
b) Alimrose - Super Hero Doll
c) Wooden Shelf - Pirate
d) Le Toy Van - My First Tool Bench
e) Bobble Art  -Dinosaur Bookends
f) My Gourmet BBQ & Grill
g) Le Toy Van - Fire Engine Set

This would be a fantastic gift for any child or as a combined gift for siblings. The market stand comes with the register and scales. This toy is not only fun but educational.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Recipes: Create Bake Make

Lauren at Create Bake Make has some of the most amazing sounding slices and brownies. You may like to call her the slice queen! The best part is they are all really easy to bake with simple instructions and basic ingredients you can easily get hold of. There are so many i want to try and simply cannot decide which one.

I've decided ill share my top 5 and perhaps you can pick for me?! I'll then make it, share it with you and let you know what i think.

Choc Chip & Caramelised Bacon Brownies..... yes bacon! I love sweet and salty combos but im unsure about meat in chocolate. I really need to just make it and give it go i think.

Malteser and Mars Bar Slice - These look super cute with a whole lot of chocolate... although there is no such thing as too much chocolate!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another Little Man Stole My Heart

On Sunday another little man came into the world and stole my heart. My super cute nephew was born! You may remember the gender reveal, the nursery or the baby shower i posted about for my nephew..... well he is now here and im so in love!

Master T wasn't too interested when meeting him but Miss S so completely smitten. She kept stroking his cheeks and fussing over him. She is going to be such a great little cousin and look after him. I'm looking forward to watching this little man grow!

Introducing my baby nephew Dylan

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Colour Pop: Red

Red is a very powerful colour, it can make you feel anger, passion and intense.You can find plenty of red homewares in stores as it's one colour that seems to always be around.  I personally avoid red in my home (I prefer greens and blues) but have used it in the past.

a) Cotton On - Love Sign
b) Freedom - Spire Cannister
c) Uashmama - Poppy Bag
d) Down That Little Lane - Cushion
e) DTLL - Wire Apple
f) Myer - Zone Floating Clock
g) KitchenAid - Empire Red
h) Ikea - Gunnern Lockable Cabinet
i) Lark - Strawberry Sugar Bowl
j) Freedom - Retro Chair
k) Ikea - Heart Photo Frame
l) Lark - Desk Telephone
m) Myer - Vue Bowl
n) Lark - Arrow Metal Shelf
o) Freedom - Clarity Table Lamp
p) DTLL - Red Spot Teapot
q) Myer - Fresco Drum Stool
r) Beacon - Jessie Table Lamp
s) Lark - Nest Basket
t) Cotton On - Gumball Machine
u) Freedom - Brio Shower Caddy
v) Ikea - Hemnes Linen Cabinet
w) Spotlight - Candle Holder
x) Ikea - Placemat
y) kikki K - Meal Planner

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vinyl Planks Are NOT Lino

Lets discuss vinyl planks. More often than not when i mention vinyl planks most people screw up their nose thinking of old style sheets of soft lino.

We first used vinyl planks in our old house in 2011. This is when vinyl planks were fairly new and pretty much every person i spoke to had no idea what they were. I've noticed they are far more popular now especially amoungst those building in WA. We used them again in our current house as they suit our lifestyle.

So what are vinyl planks? Vinyl Planks are made of five layers of materials pressed together to create very hard wearing floors.

• Protective Coating – The Polyurethane (PU) coating helps to protect against scuffs and reduces maintenance. 
• Wear Layer – A clear, top layer that provides exceptional resistance to wear, fading and staining.
• Design Layer – A high resolution printed PVC layer that realistically captures the look of the surface it is imitating. Generally the designs are of timber but they may also be of tile or stone.
• Stabilising Layer/Core Layer –  A Vinyl core layer with integrated fibreglass stabilising sheet provides stability, comfort and sound reduction qualities.
• Backing Layer –  A Vinyl layer that provides further stability.
Vinyl planks come in many colours and patterns. The trick is to chose one that look most like wood. Also choosing a plank that represents just one plank or real wood. Rather than multiple planks printed onto one vinyl plank. You can get smooth or textured vinyl planks. They are directly stuck onto the slab. They are some that are looselay but i don't have any experience with them.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Block Winners

A huge congratulations to the winners of The Block Glasshouse - Shannon & Simon!!

Their apartment won them an amazing $335k + $100k prize money! The buyer is said to be a Melbourne father who owns a graphic design business who bought the property as an investment.

Shannon & Simon have said they hope to spend a portion of their winnings rewarding their builder Moz, with Shannon saying: 'We're going to take Moz on a surf trip, Moz deserves a surf trip!' 

Im in shock, i have mixed feelings. I feel happy for the boys, shocked at how well Chris & Jenna did and heart broken for the remaining 3 couples who took home under $50k. Specially those who have been away from their children for this life changing experience. Sure $10k is still an awesome amount of money that no one would be sad about winning but its not $300k. After watching last years season of The Block you would probably have such high hopes.

I am really shocked that Dee & Darrens didn't do well as they had the lowest reserve PLUS there was city views! I noticed they didn't show them returning to the group so im guessing things didn't go down well at all!

Poor Carlene & Michael being away from the kids so much, i really would have liked them to have a big win. Even reading their comments afterwards they said they would still do it again. Bless them!

I felt so sad for the boys are they were the winners but they were hiding their happiness and excitement due to the other couples being so down. I was actually really happy to see the photo above and im sure they celebrated their win.

Final recap of the profits made - such a huge difference between 2nd and 3rd.

First Place - Shannon & Simon -  $335k  profit + $100k prize money
Second Place - Chris & Jenna -  $310  profit
Third Place - Maxine & Karstan - $40k  profit
Equal Last Place - Dee & Darren and Carlene & Michael - $10k  profit

This will be my last block post for 2014. I'm looking forward to next season that starts early 2015. I hope they are great couples (perhaps even a WA couple) as i really enjoyed watching this past season.

How did you feel about the auction results??