Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Block: Apartment 6 - Part One

Just as they thought it was over another entire apartment was revealed and needed to be renovated. The couples randomly drew rooms out of a hat and got to work. Due to being the second last judging week rather than extra prize money in their budget they were aiming to win money off their reserves prices.

1st place - $20k off reserve - Darren & Dee
2nd place - $15k off reserve - Maxine & Karstan
2rd place - $10k off reserve - Shannon & Simon

Darren & Dee did the ensuite. Once again a very gorgeous sophisticated room. I like that they did a double shower and kept the space rather simple to let those feature tiles shine through. Of course i love the pops of green they used in the towels.

Maxine & Karstan completed the master room & WIR. I loved the stunning artwork in the master room. I also liked the soft light grey wardrobe fitout. So much storage! (starting to sound like Shaynna)

Shannon & Simon won with their bathroom. I personally couldn't handle those angled grout lines. I'm also really over wooden walls. Please next lot of blockheads... don't do wooden walls!

Carlene & Michael did one of the bedrooms. I really did like the idea of having nice sun looking onto the outdoor terrace whilst sitting in the suspended chair. The buttons are also cute but probably better in a nursery or kids space.

Chris & Jenna also did a bedroom. Once again slammed by the judges despite it being 'anonymous'. I agree though, i didnt like anything in this room.

**I have permission to use all images above. All images are from Jump In

Who was your favourite? Did you agree with the judges?

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