Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Collections (or Obessions?!)

I'm taking part in the FMS Gift Exchange and was asked this week if i have any collections.
I started to think about what do i actually collect? Seems silly i know cause obviously i should know if im collecting something. I knew the cookbooks were a collection as ive been receiving them as gifts from Julian (or i buy for him) over the last 7 years. However the other 3 are fairly recent.. i think i consider them more as obessions. I simply cant help myself!

My cookbook collection started with the cupcake book. My mum gave it to me as an engagement present. Over time Julian and I have purchased them for anniversaries or other occasions. We write little notes in the front of them. I love these books because they come in a rainbow of colours and are a good size. You can find these books HERE - plus many book shops.

I cant help but buy washi tape when i see it in shops as well as multiple orders on ebay (so cheap). There are many people who have no idea what washi tape is. Washi tape is a decorative paper tape - can tear it, write on it, decorate with it and so much more. If you look on pinterest there are so many ideas. There are many people who simply love washi tape, like me!

Looking at this photo i need more orange and red!

I currently store my washi tape in a basket on my study shelves but i have got plans to make a washi tape holder to put my favourites on display. I will share a tutorial for the holder with you once complete.

I started to collect Sonny Angels a month or so ago. I kept seeing them appear in kids decor photos and i thought they were so cute. So i went searching for them and discovered Sonny Angel dolls come inside a sealed box, in that box is a seal foil bag containing the doll. You never know which doll you will get. I love surprises so i had to order some! There are many ranges - each range contains 12 dolls (plus a secret doll).

I'm collecting these for Miss S and got this great shadow box shelf from Lime Tree Kids to display them on her wall in her bedroom in the near future.

The one next to the reindeer is the 'secret' doll from the fruit collection. 
There's less than 100 in the world!

 Many spots to fill... i already have another 6 on the way.
I may add backgrounds to the squares one day.

ETA: 18th March - Our full Sonny Angel collection

My most recent collection obsession is stickers for my Erin Condren Life Planner that i ordered last week ready for 2015. I've been using my phone last few years to keep track of everything. However since starting Lime & Mortar ive started to write down things more often. I think im going to love having a paper planner, especially since i can make it so pretty with so many stickers.
I've made most the stickers myself and the rest i have purchased printable files from etsy. I have plans to share my decorated pages as a weekly post in the new year. 

ETA: March 18th - I enjoyed making stickers so much i now design and create my own. You can purchase my planner stickers at my etsy shop limeandmortar - Click Here

You can personalise your covers with photos, your name or whatever wording you'd like . You can also order extra covers to change the look of your planner throughout the year. The top cover will say 'Leanne's Planner' and the bottom cover will say 'My Year 2015'. The planner comes with stickers, forget me not book and a few other items.

**This is not a sponsored post. I just love all the items and had to share them with you.

What do you collect??


Fleur - Our Urban Box said...

We have started our Sonny Angel collection too. And I also got some of the Gee Sorry Sonny Angels for Mast 5. Very cute and addictive. That planner looks amazing Leanne, but try as I might, I still prefer everything on my phone. Paper diaries just don't work for me! Looking forward to seeing how you decorate yours!

Caroline said...

I love love LOVE your washi tape collection. And I'm totally with you on the life planner as well - couldn't live without mine!

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

You have so many washi tapes! I am a cookbook collector as well, they are taking over my bookcase and kitchen shelves you can never have enough cookbooks :)

alyssa villanueva said...

hi i know this is an old post but where did you get your sticker organizer??? the layout and size is absolutely perfect. saw it on pinterest and it brought me here unfortunately i can't find an affiliate link to the container


Lime & Mortar said...

The container was from local hardware shop called Bunnings

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