Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Colour Pop: Navy

Navy blue is my favourite blue to use at home. It goes really well with the lime green. There aren't many (if any?) colours that don't go well with navy. It is a very sophisticated colour and will compliment most interior decor styles. 

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a) Lark Store - Kip & Co Towel
e) Ikea - Pepper Mill
f) Freedom - Luka Cushion
g) Country Road - Tapas Mug
i) Freedom - Guille Table Lamp
j) KitchenAid - Blueberry
k) Country Road - Cannister
o) Interiors Online - Scarborough Trunk Set
p) Lark Store - Stitched Quilt
q) Icon Homwares - Jab Polka Plates
r) Kmart - Trellis Rug
s) Lazy Bones - Rosette Cushion
t) Earth Homewares - Bubble Vases
v) Ikea - Plant Pot


Sasha @fromtheleftfield said...

Oh my, I adore that chevron lamp!! Great finds!

Krissy @Pretty Wee Things said...

I'm so not a lamp person but I LOVE both of these lamps!! Maybe it's the chevron...or the navy... Xxx

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