Monday, October 13, 2014

The Block Winners

A huge congratulations to the winners of The Block Glasshouse - Shannon & Simon!!

Their apartment won them an amazing $335k + $100k prize money! The buyer is said to be a Melbourne father who owns a graphic design business who bought the property as an investment.

Shannon & Simon have said they hope to spend a portion of their winnings rewarding their builder Moz, with Shannon saying: 'We're going to take Moz on a surf trip, Moz deserves a surf trip!' 

Im in shock, i have mixed feelings. I feel happy for the boys, shocked at how well Chris & Jenna did and heart broken for the remaining 3 couples who took home under $50k. Specially those who have been away from their children for this life changing experience. Sure $10k is still an awesome amount of money that no one would be sad about winning but its not $300k. After watching last years season of The Block you would probably have such high hopes.

I am really shocked that Dee & Darrens didn't do well as they had the lowest reserve PLUS there was city views! I noticed they didn't show them returning to the group so im guessing things didn't go down well at all!

Poor Carlene & Michael being away from the kids so much, i really would have liked them to have a big win. Even reading their comments afterwards they said they would still do it again. Bless them!

I felt so sad for the boys are they were the winners but they were hiding their happiness and excitement due to the other couples being so down. I was actually really happy to see the photo above and im sure they celebrated their win.

Final recap of the profits made - such a huge difference between 2nd and 3rd.

First Place - Shannon & Simon -  $335k  profit + $100k prize money
Second Place - Chris & Jenna -  $310  profit
Third Place - Maxine & Karstan - $40k  profit
Equal Last Place - Dee & Darren and Carlene & Michael - $10k  profit

This will be my last block post for 2014. I'm looking forward to next season that starts early 2015. I hope they are great couples (perhaps even a WA couple) as i really enjoyed watching this past season.

How did you feel about the auction results?? 


Michelle Timbs said...

I was in full blown tears watching the show last night and felt on edge the whole way through, so I can only imagine how nerve racking it was for the contestants. All along I've been a big fan of Carlene & Michael's apartment and coming in equal last with the dble D's was heart breaking to watch to say the least. Neither couple should've had to endure such sorrow. Equally I feel for Max and Karstan too as their apartment was also beautiful. going first in the pecking order somewhat paid off for Chris and Jenna and I'm sorry, but the only room I liked in their apartment was their main What an amazing turnaround for them, and how much tension was drawn by their had me on the edge and this morning I woke to find no fingernails left of my left I'm impressed at the way the boys conducted themselves and their (obvious) inner happiness, but good on them for not rubbing in the fact that they had won and walked away with over $400k and truly deserving of it. What a massive difference to last season's block, where the winners were indeed the 'dark horse' during the whole show! And I think for memory, they were auctioned last! Just goes to show, that you can never tell what the housing market will do.
Looking forward to next season's show and what they can bring to the comp!

Jess - alittlepartoftheworld said...

I was completely shocked at the results. Happy for the winners but gobsmacked at the vast difference between winnings. It really does highlight the volatility of the real estate market. Regardless of the outcome I hope they're all proud of their efforts. Jx

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