Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Block: Auction Time!

Tonight is The Block finale.... it's the time all the couples have been waiting for... auction time!! I will be avoiding all social media from 4:30pm as I'm in WA and someone always blabs or 'likes' something to spoil the ending.

I've put together photos from the real estate listings for each apartment. They all look so fantastic in the photos. I think my favourite would be Dee & Darren's as I've liked their rooms the most. It has a more homely feel overall.

I always feel tiny bit for the brothers/sisters/friends on the show having to split their profit. I hope all the couples walk away with a nice profit for all their hard work.

Whose apartment do you love best??

Dee & Darren

Maxine & Karstan

Carlene & Michael

Shannon & Simon

Jenna & Chris

Oh and don't forget the wedding... i have mixed feelings about weddings on reality shows. I think weddings should be a private special day with your closest friends and family. Not contestants (some of which you don't even like), tv hosts, camera crews and national tv. I guess its great way to get everything paid for. Each to their own.

Maxine looks gorgeous and im glad she got her dream dress.  

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Jo said...

Can't wait! Love Dee & Darren's but I'm drooling over Shannon & Simons Melbourne feel apartment. Early tea tonight :) enjoy x

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