Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Is Your Bathroom Too Steamy?

My shower screens don't stay clean long, the water here is 'hard' and it marks the glass easily. I was asked to do a Product Talk by Nuffnang about a product that may be the answer to my problem!

The Vileda Magical system (which includes a water-repellent spray and microfibre cloth):
  • prevents dirt and water marks in your bathroom
  • is ANTI-FOG on glass, showers and mirrors - the spray creates a clear film on the windows that prevents them from fogging and helps the water to drip off easier (like a waxed car) 

I decided to test it out on my ensuite mirrors as they can fog up which makes it hard to use afterwards. I sprayed on the product and wiped with the provided microfibre cloth. I was bit disappointed at this point as it made my mirrors look bit smeary and streaky. Later on once cloth was dry i went back over mirrors and they came up much better. I assume i could have just used another micro fibre cloth but i wanted to only use what was provided.

BEFORE i used Vildea Magical system and AFTER

I was/am seriously impressed with the results. The mirror stayed completely clear. You can see the corner i couldn't quite reach and that part still fogged up.

I also used it on top half of my shower screen door. I only did half so i can see how obvious the difference was. Again i was really happy with the results, you can clearly see where i used the product and where i did.. I'm going to now use all over the shower screens and see if it's the answer to my shower screens getting water marks all the time.

Would i recommend this product? Absolutely!

You can purchase your Vileda Magical System from Woolworths or Big W - RRP $9.99

To see the Vileda Magical system in use have a look at Episode 7 of 'Where's Julia?'.
Be sure to check out Vileda's Facebook page for more information and the occasional giveaway:

Disclaimer: I received complementary products for review purpose. However my opinions expressed are honest and entirely of my own.


Jessica Flett said...

Awesome result!! I'm impressed. How good would it be if it stopped water marks too!! Jx

Rebecca said...

After reading your review yesterday on this product I went out and purchased in with my grocery shopping. I used it last night and then had a shower this morning. Wow!! It really worked wonderfully on my shower screens which normally fog up and get water streaks quite badley. Thanks so much for your review, very happy to have found this item!

Fleur - Our Urban Box said...

It actually looks like it works! Will have to get some for when we move into our new house.

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