Monday, October 27, 2014

Is Watermelon The New Pineapple?

Pineapple was and still is very popular. But with summer fast approaching im noticing more and more watermelon. I think pineapple is more versatile in homewares as it can be any colour and you'll still recognise the shape as a pineapple. But with watermelon it generally is in the pink/green combo so you can easily identify it was watermelon.

Both bring a lovely feel of summer into the home. I have a pineapple jar in my wardrobe and some pineapple items in my study. I think it need to add some watermelon too. I really love the Toucan watermelon print... the touch of gold with the pink is stunning!

So tell me, are you Team Watermelon or Team Pineapple??


a) Toucan - Watermelon Print
b) Typo - Archer Case
c) Lime Tree Kids - Felt Rug
d) Lime Tree Kids - Wall Decals
e) DTLL - Happy Watermelon Cushion
f) White Forest Home - Print
g) Typo - Printed Cushion
h) Typo - Shape It Case
i) Corner Store - Watermelon Lamp
j) Typo - Notebook
k) Lime Tree Kids - Doormat

a) Typo - Chalkboard
b) Lark - Pineapple Ice Cubes
c) Typo - Lanterns
d) Typo - Porcelain Lamp
e) Lark - Pineapple Lamp
f) Kmart - Pineapple Jar
g) Typo - Notebook
h) Target - Outdoor Cushion
i) Freedom - Bahama Bowl
j) Target - Cookie Jar
k) DTLL - Tropical Cushion
l) Typo - Wire Pineapple
m) DTLL - Pineapple Print


GoodThingsSmall said...

They're cute! But I don't think anything can beat pineapple - love the jars and cushions!

Ashlea Kerr said...

I am still team pineapple - although the watermelon is cute!!

Jess - said...

I love Pineapple... so much so I have a botanical in my entranceway. I do like the happiness and fun of watermelon but I think of a girls' room when I think watermelon and I agree with you that pineapple can go anywhere! Jx

rowe timson said...

I totally LOVE both! Pineapple wins out though cause it suits Bali and I love my watermelon couch pillows!

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

They are a close competition, I'm still a pineapple girl but I could be swayed by some watermelon cushions!

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