Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Make: Cupcake Chocolate Shell

Last weekend was Miss S's 3rd birthday party. I made a giant cupcake along with lots matching smaller ones (lots of party photos to be posted on Sunday). I wanted the giant cupcake to look finished. I had a few options - tie some ribbon around the base, ice the base or i could make a chocolate shell to get a nice professional look.

This shell was so easy to make! You too can also achieve a professional looking giant cupcake. All you need is a silicone giant cupcake mould and a bag of candy melts in your chosen colour (or chocolate melts).

Melt the packet of melts over boiling water and stir until smooth

Pour the melts into the base of the silicone case and spread the chocolate up the sides and base. I used a silicone brush to do this but if you dont have a brush your can use the back of a metal spoon. Once its coated thickly all over leave aside to harden (do not put in the fridge).

Once hard pull away and all edges all the the way around. Next peel down the silicone then fully remove it. Now you have your cupcake shell!

You will need to trim the base of your cake to fit inside the chocolate shell.

I was given the silicone mould as a gift but you can purchase one HERE


Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

OMG I want that massive cupcake! Looks great, cant believe the shell is edible I thought it was a cupcake holder!!

vegeTARAian said...

Wowser, what an impressive birthday cake! Looks fantastic

Jess - alittlepartoftheworld said...

That is seriously awesome. I can't believe the base is edible. You are one clever Mama. Jx

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