Saturday, October 04, 2014

Master T's Nurseries

Master T's first nursery was in our tiny duplex when we lived in QLD. As we planned to sell i kept the walls neutral like the rest of the house. I chose a fabric with lots of bright colour and my lovely friend made a cot blanket and window valance from it. I framed the remaining fabric. Bright blues and greens are easy to match with other items. Whilst this room was small it had everything we needed.

Photos are clearly from before i had a good camera

I purchased these wooden letters from Bunnings and painting them with craft paint.

Lovely blanket in my chosen fabric

Spot rugs were from Ikea. The Lime and bright blue one are actually bathmats.

When Master T was 6 months old we decided to move back to WA to be closer to my family and better job opportunities. Budget was tight but i wanted to change his room a little so i simply adding in some red. 
We rented a house whilst we built (only time I've rented!) and the rooms were huge! Living here i discovered i really do prefer carpet in bedrooms.

Cot rail protectors are fantastic to stop teeth marks! 

I made this from colourpaper and drawing the shapes. Simple but cute

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