Saturday, November 22, 2014

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

I really enjoy wrapping presents. There is something about it i find relaxing. Perhaps it's because its another creative outlet and it's pretty. I love seeing all the amazing ways people wrap gifts. For my own kids i don't do anything too fancy. But i like to make an effort when the gifts are for others.

Here are some great ways to wrap your presents this Christmas. Whilst some of these examples are not Christmas focused you can easily use the ideas in Christmas theme and/or colours.

Click images to go to the source which will feature more photos and/or instructions.

1. Chalkboard Look. Use black craft paper and a white chalk marker.

2. Colour Strip + Ribbon. I do this style often. Use craft paper, strip of coloured wrapping paper and ribbon. It's simple but it looks fancy.

3. Parcel Present. Adding stamps, address, airmail stickers to brown craft paper is a fantastic idea. Who doesn't love receiving a parcel!

4. Stamped Craft Paper. Paint/stamp images onto brown craft paper. This is a fun one you could even get the kids to do. Otherwise there are shops selling printed brown craft wrapping paper.

5. Washi Tape Decoration. Using washi tape make words or images on your wrapping paper.

6. Woven Paper Strips. The design of this is so pretty, i would almost not want to open it.

7. Honeycomb Embellishments. You could use these to do snowmen or Christmas ornaments.

8. Fancy Bow. This is washi tape, white market and ribbon or twine bow. The whole thing looks 3D but only the centre is.

9. Monochrome. I'm personally not into traditional red/green Christmas colours. I think using monochrome with perhaps Christmas tree shaped tag would work well. Great for mens gifts too.

10. Interactive Kids Wrapping. Gift inside a craft. If kids need to wait to open their gifts perhaps during a family lunch then this idea would be perfect. Let them decorate/play with the outside. Decorating a Christmas tree with stickers is a lovely idea.

Here is a gift i sent recently for FMS Gift Exchange. I added a lip balm to the gift tag. It adds little excitement to already be getting a little something before you open the gift.

 I think this is a really clever idea for small items or stocking stuffers. Toilet paper roll decorated with paper, washi tape and/or ribbon. Perfect and easy!

If you'd like help to create some beautifully wrapped gifts then pop over to Paper Cotton Love. You can get these cute little box sets with items such as labels, washi tape, pegs & twine.


KL eternalicons said...

There are some terrific ideas here! I usually wrap my Christmas presents in the same theme I use on the table and tree. I love wrapping my presents shows more care and thoughtfulness have gone into the gift.

Jess - alittlepartoftheworld said...

I LOVE wrapping presents and always gets excited about my annual wrapping theme. Some great ideas here. I really love the present with the crayons... Jx

Cindy @ Your Kids OT said...

What lovely clever ideas that look so good! Love the reuse of the toilet roll and the fancy roll and the chalkboard look... they are all brilliant!

Pinch Me Beautiful said...

Gosh I love all of these!

Malinda Brown said...

Thanks for doing all the hard work for me and finding all these creative wrapping ideas. They are so cool. I wonder if I could pull any of them off. Thanks for linking up with my Christmas Link Party. xx

Lyn @ thetravellinglindfields said...

These are just beautiful. The problem is every gift I buy is an odd shape. Maybe this year I'll wrap some empty boxes as well just to try out some of your ideas.

It's great said...

I am the new girl

Sharan said...

OH, first, I think family is the most important to wrap the gifts in special ways!! Friends second. I am in Guatemala, where there is not many resources for gifts or wrapping and am excited about
some of these going to teach a class with some of them, I have scraps of scrap booking paper from
a sister that we will use to decorate with THANKS for ideas !

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