Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Clever Cookie Gift

A couple of weeks ago i posted my Smart Teacher Gift. This gift had a wonderful response as it's crafty and affordable. Today i have another gift idea for teachers, tutors, mentors, carers or anyone who has helped you learn and become a clever cookie.

Cookies (bake yourself or purchase some, bakery style ones are best)
Cellophane bags'
Lime & Mortar Cookie Tag

1) Print Cookie Tags, cut them out and use hole punch to put a hole in the top.
2) Bake cookies and let them cool completely.
3) Place 2 cookies (or more if you would like) into a cellophane bag
4) Tie ribbon and tag onto the cellophane bag.

It's that simple! This one is even more cost effective and would cost under $2!

Click the Cookie Tag, right click and save. Insert into a word document and resize to what you would like yours to be (mine are 6cm). Copy it as many times as you need on the page then print onto thick paper/card. I've done it this way as the amount each family will need varies.

For the teachers/carers I've made a label for you too. Giving a cookie to your students would be a cute end of year present or anytime treat/prize.


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