Saturday, November 01, 2014

Down That Little Lane - KIDS

It's Christmas is next month!! It can be hard purchasing for kids and choose something they don't already own or someone else is already buying for them. Times like these it's great to turn to online stores with unique and also handmade items.

I've chosen some great ideas for kids from Down That Little Lane that i think kids would be thrilled to wake up to on Christmas day. I've chosen a mix of toys and room decor. Sometimes the toy avalanche can be over whelming so adding something nice to their space is equally as exciting!

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a) Thunder Bolt Cloud
b) Batman Print
c) Ice Cream Light
d) Kinetic Sand
e) Wooden Chococcino Machine
f) Hot Air Balloon
g) Wooden Gumball Machine
h) Train Tape
i) House Shadow Box
j) Toadstool Pouf
k) Wooden Ice Cream Truck
l) Bird Chandelier Decal
m) Nesting Dolls
n) Rainbow Pastel Tassel
o) Make a Pom Pom
p) Wooden Rainbow
q) Little Red Riding Hood Theater <-- great stocking filler
r) Kids Peacock Chair

You can see some of my personal favourites HERE - great adult gifts... and even some for the kids too!


Jess - alittlepartoftheworld said...

So lovely. Great ideas. I love the shadow box, rainbow and the rainbow tassels. Jx

Michelle Barrington said...

Awesome I love posts like this. I have already bought the kinetic sand and I know my kids are going to love it

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