Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Colour Pop: White

White of some sort will be found in every home. Whether its walls, furniture, decor or linen. White goes with every single colour. Using white brightens up any space and makes it more 'fresh'. When using a lot of white in one space use different textures to stop the room feeling clinical. 

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a) Target - Charlie Table Lamp
b) KitchenAid - Frosted Pearl
c) Domayne - Zone Alarm Clock
d) Kmart - Classic White Clock
e) Freedom - Porcha Cushion
f) Kmart - Pineapple Jar
g) Domayne - Cassa Tissue Box
h) Target - Cake Stand
i) DTLL - Wire Lamp Shade
j) Freedom - Mason Table Lamp
k) Freedom - Brighton Willow Basket
l) Freedom - Martie the Zebra
m) Freedom - Lovett Side Table
n) Target - Catherine Photo Frame
o) Adairs - Lucca Towel
p) Freedom - Jax Basket
q) Freedom - Fete Basket
r) Myer - Fresco Drum 
s) Adairs - Marakesh Frame
t) Target - Cable Knit Cushion
u) Domayne - Gnome Cookie Jar
v) Country Road - Orino Vase
w) Freedom - Summer Lace Wood Art x2


Jessica Flett said...

Love it!! I want it all. I'm addicted to white. Jx

Krissy @ Pretty Wee Things said...

I'm all for the pineapple craze...but THAT WHITE PINEAPPLE! I need that in my life! Thanks for sharing, white is probably my favourite "colour". xxx

Lime & Mortar said...

Krissy, i have the pineapple jar in my WIR. I love it too :)

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