Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Study - Touch of Gold

Since starting Lime & Mortar 4 months ago i spend a lot more time in my study. I decided it needed a bit more personality and needed to be more 'me'. I made a few changes and absolutely love my space. It's colourful, organised, functional and pretty.

The biggest change would be the painted wall above the desk with the golden touch of triangle decals.

I've been having a play with shelf styling. It's one thing i find a little difficult as not everything in the study is decorative. It can look bit chaotic in photos but in person each space looks quite simple.

I covered the frame on the magnet board in gold glitter washi tape and attached to side of wine fridge section, this way it's not covering up the gold triangles.

I painted this wall above the desk in Dulux 'Timeless Grey' to match the nib wall next to the wine fridge. Gold triangle decals are from Classy Clutter Designs

I got a wall wire basket from Lime Tree Kids to keep Julian's mail in here for when he gets home or other paperwork i need quick access to.

This gorgeous light is from the Young House Love range in the US. It's black with gold detail

All details together - i really love my wooden blocks i won from Lilly Pilly Arts. They are the natural wooden 4.5cm blocks.

This is where i spend my time blogging. Yay for the new lamp.. the old was simply cause we already owned it. Before & After...

The small changes have made a big difference!
Next i need to sort inside those drawers... the kids have been raiding them and they are getting a little scary. Also still havent sorted out the cords under the desk (i cant see them when sitting at desk so i keep moving it down the to do list)


Jess @ Be Happy Go Lovely said...

Your study is gorgeous, I'm so jealous! You've given me a study make-over project idea, thank you :)

Lydia from Always Made With Love said...

Absolutely lovely. I keep getting more and more ideas for my office space (when it happens) but as it is a joint space it is going to take some work etc xx

Karin @ Calm to Conniption said...

Looks great! I must say I don't know how you work with that fancy wine fridge right beside you. That is very tempting.

Lime & Mortar said...

I don't drink wine ;) it's a cellar fridge full of Julian's red wine collections

Lucy @ Bake Play Smile said...

Oh you have totally inspired me!! I've only just started working from home so I definitely need to sort my study out. At the moment I'm working at our dining table because I feel so far away from everything in our study!!!! I am loving your ideas... think I'm going to have to pinch a few of them (ok a LOT of them!!)

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Those triangles make such an impact dont they. Your study is gorgeous I would blog from there all day long if I could!!

Jo at ZigaZag blog said...

Love your office. How clever you are to think such wonderfully ingenious stylish things up.

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