Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kids Parties: Giggle & Hoot

Last week i shared a Disney Planes themed birthday party by my lovely friend Bec. Well today im sharing her son's Giggle & Hoot birthday party from last year. Choosing colours that relate to theme help carry it throughout all decorations.

Here is a different take on the streamer backdrops you've seen in my previous parties. Instead of twisting the streamers secure them down bottom so they are straight. This pattern is striking because it doubles the orange but single blue.

How great is Hoot and Hootable. Using a paper lantern and cardboard to decorate! Very clever

Party Food

The cake plus cute coloured cupcakes to match

More decorations

Party favours - all kids got a bag full of goodies

If you cant find a pinata to match your theme you can buy one of the more simple ones and decorate yourself. This style you pull streamers from bottom to release the lollies but its much more fun to let the kids try whack the lollies out themselves.

Next weekend ill be sharing the most gorgeous pink party you would have seen!

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Wenni Donna said...

Oh wow, these are so lovely Kids Parties!! The party theme was truly brilliant. I really like using such bright colors in my kid’s parties. Recently I used rainbow theme for my son’s fifth birthday bash. You know I hosted this party at his favorite outdoor party venues in Chicago.

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