Friday, July 31, 2015

Recipe: Cheesecake Topped Brownies

I love brownies...they have to be gooey. I also really love cheesecake... so I thought why not combine them and top my brownies with cheesecake! Time is very limited these days to get in the kitchen bake so this was very quick and very delicious!

I used a box mix for the brownies as I find they taste great (unlike cake mix). Again they are perfect for those who are time poor. You can simply make your favourite brownie recipe though if you have the time.

Brownie Box Mix
250g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
2 TBS Caster Sugar
2 TBS Thickened Cream
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1) Follow instructions for the brownie mix (or make your recipe). Leave the brownie to cool completely. I left mine in the tin on the bench overnight.
2) Chop the cream cheese and place into your mixer. Add other ingredients and combine.
3) Spread the cheesecake topping over the brownie and pop into the fridge to set.
4) Slice and indulge!

TIPS: You can crushed tim tams or oreos to the mix... or even some jelly crystals for fruity flavours. Raspberry with chocolate would be very yummy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Kmart Hacks - Monochrome/Mint

As I mentioned I'm planning to make over my study/work space. Im in process of getting quotes for additional cabinetry. I have decided to completely declutter and will be keeping it simple as I spend all day in there. I have decided to go with a monochrome/mint colour scheme.

I already had these Kmart goodies (the candle holder was recent. Pink tin is from Ikea). I got them cause they were cheap but really did not like the colours so had planned to spray paint them. I shared my hacks of them on facebook and instagram yesterday. The response was more than I was expecting and I have been getting lots of messages asking about how I did them and which paint so I thought I pop up a post for easy reference. I apologise the photos are just off my phone... I hadn't planned a post for them so didn't take photos on the camera.

Here are the before and after shots of the goodies I painted.
I spray painted all of these without using any primer or sanding back. These are the paints I used
White = Dulux Duramax White Gloss
Black = British Paints Satin Black
Mint = Rustoleum Ocean Mist (this can be hard to find)

The crosses were left over chalkboard sticker I had from when I put chalkboard calendar in my study. I used my Silhouette Cameo (sticker cutting machine I use for my Etsy business) to cut out the crosses.

These canisters turned out so well... I am so happy with them. Please note I don't intend on using these for consumables. If you are painting yours for your kitchen and consumable use you will need to make sure you don't get spray paint inside due to toxins etc.
These canisters only cost $7 on clearance for the set. I love that they now look like those canisters that sell for around $20 each. Spray paint and a little creativity can make a big difference. If you want to give spray painting a go pop to Op shop and get some goodies and have a go. Or jump right in and spray things you already own.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Colour Pop: Art Inspired

For this week's colour pop I have used only shops from our give away. I chose an artwork from United Artworks as a starting point. I next chose a pom pom garland from Little Rosie & Me to compliment the artwork (you'll be able to choose all your colours for your custom garland) and I finished off the board with a range of items from The Block Shop. I find this is a great way to style a room... start with your feature piece (artwork) and go from there. Picking up colours from the artwork to really bring them out like I have done with the yellow.

If you haven't already entered see this post for more details: Lime & Mortar's 1st Birthday Giveaway.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lime & Mortar's 1st Birthday Celebration!

Hip Hip Hooray, it's Lime & Mortar's 1st Birthday!!!!

What a year it has been. I started off my blog as somewhere to keep all the photos of my home so it was easy to show and to refer to myself. I then enrolled in Clever Cookie school where I 'met' amazing fellow bloggers and my passion grew. I blogged daily with posts about my home, shops, recipes, colour pops, tv shows and so much more. I started my Lime & Mortar etsy business which has been a great success. I've watched my little community grow and I appreciate all the support.

To thank you and to celebrate I have an amazing give away for you! These prizes will be fantastic to give a room in your home a mini make over with new art, homewares and decor items.

FIRST PRIZE: $200 voucher from United Artworks, $100 voucher from The Block Shop, Custom 2m pom pom garland from Little Rosie & Me and a Kmart light box and additional letter pack from me. That's around $350 value!

RUNNER UP will receive a $100 voucher from The Block Shop

Follow the prompts below for you chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Competition is open to Australian residents only and entries close 11:59 AWST Wednesday 22nd July. The winner will be announced on Facebook Thursday 23rd July and notified by email. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Colour Pop: Taupe, Seafoam & Coral

This week I went looking for some inspiration to do the colour pop. I spotted the throw from Country Road (f) and loved the combination. I'm in love with pastels, this is like an adult version of the popular pink/aqua combo for girls bedrooms. The colour palette is cool but the coral adds bit of warmth. This would look lovely in a bedroom or main living space. It would work well in a coastal home.
a) Adairs - Andorra Throw
b) Country Road - Lorie Tea Towels
c) Country Road - Hvad Cushion
d) Freedom - Sorrento Dinner Set
e) Country Road - Ikke Cushion
f) Country Road - Ikke Throw
g) Freedom - Poppy Armchair
h) Target - Glass Candle
i) Country Road - Art Extra Canister 
j) Country Road - Tapas Mug
k) Country Road - Sigrid Bag
l) Adairs - St Louis Tea Towels
m) Adairs - Damask Towel
n) Country Road - Cubus Cushion
o) Target - Bath Towel
p) Country Road - Maja Cushion
q) Target - Bath Mat
r) Country Road - Margot Pillow Case

Monday, July 06, 2015

My Secret Green Thumb

So turns out I have a secret green thumb that I didn't even know about. Just over 2 months ago I purchased another 3 fiddle leaf figs.. one of them was a little double stem one. I potted them all in one pot together. My old one was a tall skinny stick with a few leaves on top. It was very sad and was time to go. I moved him out to the alfresco as I still couldn't bring myself to throw him away.

This was the oldest photo I have of my old Fig as it got too ugly I obviously avoided taking photos. So imagine this but with like only 4 leaves on top
Around Christmas last year our baby papaya tree in the back garden was snapped in half during a play date. It amazingly grew back quickly and its a big healthy tree. So I decided to cut my old fiddle leaf fig right down and see what happened. Worst case nothing would happen and it would go in the bin. After 4 weeks nothing had happened so I figured it was dead but left it in alfresco anyways (nowhere to throw it out). I didn't water it or give it any attention. Eight weeks passed and Julian noticed there was tiny buds all over it. I couldn't believe it, within 2 weeks there is leaves and branches growing. 
I'm so shocked that this happen as with our papaya it grew leaves from the top and then continue to grow up from there so I thought the same would happen with my fig, if this was going to work. I don't know much about gardening clearly. I think he will continue to live outside now perhaps on the new deck area.

My new inside ones are still doing very well. I water them every sunday the same amount of water. It seems to have worked so far *touch wood* My little double stem is now growing another 2 stems! They are growing exactly the same, my little plant twins.
How is your fiddle leaf fig growing? They seem to be very temperamental. If yours is a tall stick I'd recommend cutting it down and waiting 2-3 months. You may get lucky with miracle new branches sprouting everywhere too!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Colour Pop: Tan, Black & Gold

This week's colour pop was created by Melissa from Suger Coat It. Melissa has recently moved into her brand new home and together with her husband they are giving the place a make over and putting their own stamp on it. Check out their home over on Melissa's blog - Suger Coat It

Melissa: When I first started creating a mood board for our new home, pinning madly and clipping magazines, I'd planned to incorporate navy with the new tan leather couch. But the more I shopped the more I kept coming back time and time again to classic black. I started to bring in some natural linen tones to compliment the mismatched timbers of our lounge area and add warmth without needed a lot of chunky textures and layers. I've found that tan, black and gold are the perfect partners for a cosy, warm and classic lounge room. And it was this discovery that inspired my mood board. Enjoy!

Here is Melissa's lounge room showing how well the colours work together
1) Temple & Webster - Flamingo Print
2) Freedom - City Speaks Print
3) Freedom - Metro Table Lamp
4) Hunting For George - Tan Leather Cushion
5) Kmart - Paris Black Out Curtain
6) Freedom - Beat Vessel
7) Kmart - Round Mirror
8) Temple & Webster - Cow Hide
9) Kmart - Hammered Metal Bowl
10) Freedom - Tucker Square Ottoman
11) Temple & Webster - Gold Wire Side Table
12) Freedom - Danish Wing Chair