Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Colour Pop: Taupe, Seafoam & Coral

This week I went looking for some inspiration to do the colour pop. I spotted the throw from Country Road (f) and loved the combination. I'm in love with pastels, this is like an adult version of the popular pink/aqua combo for girls bedrooms. The colour palette is cool but the coral adds bit of warmth. This would look lovely in a bedroom or main living space. It would work well in a coastal home.
a) Adairs - Andorra Throw
b) Country Road - Lorie Tea Towels
c) Country Road - Hvad Cushion
d) Freedom - Sorrento Dinner Set
e) Country Road - Ikke Cushion
f) Country Road - Ikke Throw
g) Freedom - Poppy Armchair
h) Target - Glass Candle
i) Country Road - Art Extra Canister 
j) Country Road - Tapas Mug
k) Country Road - Sigrid Bag
l) Adairs - St Louis Tea Towels
m) Adairs - Damask Towel
n) Country Road - Cubus Cushion
o) Target - Bath Towel
p) Country Road - Maja Cushion
q) Target - Bath Mat
r) Country Road - Margot Pillow Case


Ashlea Kerr said...

Oh I love C + D how gorgeous x

Melissa Walker Horn said...

This is beautiful, such a gorgeous board. Those colours are just so whimsical but coastal at the same time. LOVE.

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