Monday, July 06, 2015

My Secret Green Thumb

So turns out I have a secret green thumb that I didn't even know about. Just over 2 months ago I purchased another 3 fiddle leaf figs.. one of them was a little double stem one. I potted them all in one pot together. My old one was a tall skinny stick with a few leaves on top. It was very sad and was time to go. I moved him out to the alfresco as I still couldn't bring myself to throw him away.

This was the oldest photo I have of my old Fig as it got too ugly I obviously avoided taking photos. So imagine this but with like only 4 leaves on top
Around Christmas last year our baby papaya tree in the back garden was snapped in half during a play date. It amazingly grew back quickly and its a big healthy tree. So I decided to cut my old fiddle leaf fig right down and see what happened. Worst case nothing would happen and it would go in the bin. After 4 weeks nothing had happened so I figured it was dead but left it in alfresco anyways (nowhere to throw it out). I didn't water it or give it any attention. Eight weeks passed and Julian noticed there was tiny buds all over it. I couldn't believe it, within 2 weeks there is leaves and branches growing. 
I'm so shocked that this happen as with our papaya it grew leaves from the top and then continue to grow up from there so I thought the same would happen with my fig, if this was going to work. I don't know much about gardening clearly. I think he will continue to live outside now perhaps on the new deck area.

My new inside ones are still doing very well. I water them every sunday the same amount of water. It seems to have worked so far *touch wood* My little double stem is now growing another 2 stems! They are growing exactly the same, my little plant twins.
How is your fiddle leaf fig growing? They seem to be very temperamental. If yours is a tall stick I'd recommend cutting it down and waiting 2-3 months. You may get lucky with miracle new branches sprouting everywhere too!


Michelle Barrington said...

Well done. I have no green thumbs and my vegetable garden grows mainly weeds.

Ashlea Kerr said...

Yay! Yes I always cut things back and have success. These look fab, I own two and its like a full time job watching them and making sure there isn't too much sun/water etc ahah

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