Sunday, October 05, 2014

Organise: Kitchen Drawers

As you've seen in my kitchen i have many drawers. I find drawers are fantastic for storage as you can easily access everything. I only have my plates and bowls in a cupboard as i didn't want them move around in drawers plus could be awkward to fit them all in.

Last week one of the Spring Clean List tasks was to wipe out all cupboards and drawers. Whilst there i decided to finally organise my utensil drawer. I bought the drawer organisers a month or two ago but just hadn't got around to it. It now looks for more organised and easy to find what i need.

These drawer organisers have rubber feet on the bottom to stop them moving. They are also lined with rubber to keep things in place. You can get the same ones from Kmart in the kitchen section: Large, Medium & Small

I decided i would share a few more drawers with you. These are the cutlery drawers which are down the middle of the my island bench. They are extra wide not standard size. I plan to get another large drawer organiser for next to the cutlery.

Plastics - mixing bowls, cookware, large containers, everyday containers.

I have a drawer for baking bits & pieces like measuring cups, piping tips, cookie cutters, food colouring and so on

The kids stuff has its own drawer. The kids can easily access cups when they want a drink.

The rest of the drawers are just cake pans, baking trays, saucepans, frying pans and so on.

Plates and bowls all in the cupboards - we have few ranges of plates for different occasions/purpose


Karin said...

Super organised! I wish my plastics draw looked like that. Inspired!

jules said...

It looks great so organised and neat and tidy!

I have that rubber matting stuff you can get from kmart, bunnings etc in our big drawers to stop our plastics and everything from moving around

Krissy said...

Love it!!! We have the worst kitchen storage in our house and it drives me crazy! Any tips for small storage spaces? I'd love to know :)

Brenton Hayward said...

Have you considered adding a second shelf in your cupboards? I noticed that in the cupboard where you store your plates/bowls that there is a lot of free space.

Lime & Mortar said...

Thanks Brenton. I'm lucky that I have so much storage that I don't need to but it's certainly something to keep in mind if I find myself needing more storage space in the kitchen.

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