Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Block: Apartment 6 Part Two

I was really impressed with the reveals on Thursday night. I'd have to say it was one of best reveal nights... perhaps its cause we got to see a variety of areas or simply cause so many of them were stunning. Again the couples were competing to win money off their reserve price.

First Place - $20k off - Carlene & Michael
Second Place - $15k off - Maxine & Karstan
Third Place - $10k off - Dee & Darren

Maxine & Karstan and Dee & Darren both won money off in part one of Apartment 6 so they will both now have $30k off their reserve. Chris & Jenna are the only couple with no money off their reserve.

Carlene & Michael's Laundry. The photos don't do it justice. It was very spacious and have a luxurious look to it. I liked the tile choice and having the feature pendant in there.

Maxine & Karstan's Terrace. What a stunning space with all that greenery. It was simple yet so pretty and functional. I loved how the trees where in the bench seat.

Dee & Darren's Kitchen. Once again WOW. One giant kitchen with every appliance you could possibly need. The mirror reflecting the pretty outdoor terrace was a really good choice

Shannon & Simon's Roof Terrace - the boys are good at choosing a main feature item making it the focus like the wooden bath. I didnt like the outdoor dining setting or the pots on the wall much though.

Chris & Jenna's Lounge & Dining. I think they did pretty well this week but the judges still found things to complain about. I feel bit sorry for them really but good on them for still giving it their best.

** I have permission to use these images. You can see them and more at: Jump In


Anonymous said...

Love the blog!

D & D's kitchen.. Would hate to be doing the washing up under those overhead cupboards and the dishwasher is on the island bench so rinsing plates then loading dw would be a pain! Sometimes i think the judges really miss things its disappointing..

Also in the laundry the trough looks tiny!

small domestic gripes lol

Going to miss the Block bigtime when it finishes on Sunday :(

Shannon @ Forty Up said...

It took me so long to get into this series of The Block, but they're all doing so well now! Carlene & Michael are my faves!

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