Monday, September 29, 2014

The Block: Week 9 - Outdoor Terraces

Every space was so different this week. I love greenery so the more lush gardens i saw the happier i was. I'll admit i did not like Shannon & Simons  terrace.... really who wants to look at the bottom of the pots?! I also didn't like Chris & Jenna's, perhaps id feel different if was all finished and once all the ivy has grown. I felt neutral about Carlene & Michael's - It was a nice space i just wasn't in love with it. I did however LOVE Maxine & Karstan's and Dee & Darrens so i will focus on them.

I'll start with Dee & Darren's as they got a perfect score of 30/30 (before a point was removed) which made them this week's winner! I simply love how lush it was, i loved how inviting it looked. The blues worked perfectly with the wood, greys and fresh green plants.

I like this little space. From memory it was a lift shaft so they made good use of covering up that space.

 I am totally in love with private balcony off the master room. I'm having a private parent retreat off my master room. Whilst i wont have city views im hoping to create that luscious feel. Think i may look into having some hanging plants.

If you like the little dining set on the balcony you can purchase from The Block Shop for $99 (great price). If you'd prefer a brighter colour you can purchase almost identical set from Masters for $79. Comes in blue, red, grey & lime.

Next Maxine & Karstan's. The colour palette in M&K's worked so well, whilst their terrace was small it's was gorgeous. I loved the patterned pots and the screens on the wall.

You can purchase the pots from The Block Shop - Aqua Dip & Gold Triangle for $209 each. Or you could try do your own. See my post about Indoor Plants which shows a small pot i transformed myself. I think i will do some in varied sizes for my parent retreat.

Carlene & Michael's Outdoor Terrace

Shannon & Simon's Outdoor Terrace

Chris & Jenna's Outdoor Terrace

**I have permission to use all images above

Who was your favourite? What did you think about the boys hanging pots??


Jess - alittlepartoftheworld said...

I agree with your top two. Lovely and leafy and green. All with a very industrial and quite cold look with all the bare rendered walls. All I keep thinking is... how on earth are they going to keep it all watered and the mess it will make when all the hanging plants are watered. hahahaha ;) Jx

Natalie Land said...

I actually liked Chris and Gemma's best. It felt like a beer garden and could see a bunch of friends chilling out around that massive table with the drink coolers in the middle. DDs was good but felt too small and crammed with too much stuff.

Lime & Mortar said...

It also dawned on me last this morning that they dont have roofs so everytime it rains the whole lot gets wet

Jo Morgan said...

I loved D&D and M&J terrace!! Stunning. I did have a cry for Chris and Jenna though. To get more harsh comments and still not finish is heart breaking! That private balcony was perfect, that's the one I'd be imaginary bidding for :)

Jo Morgan said...

Oops typo M&K I meant!!

Fleur - Our Urban Box said...

I agree. D&D and M&K's were my favourite. Whilst I love the hanging plants idea, I think D&D did it better. I loved the pots and metal work in M&K's terrace. I would be war too scared thinking the boys pots would drop on me!

housebythewater said...

While I think D & D deserved to win (their balcony was superb), I don't think it was perfect. They have a very ugly, plain grey wall that looks unfinished. I like elements of M & K's, but it looks really uncomfortable and lopsided! As a functional and beautiful space, I'd go for M& C's.

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

I agree the boys pots were ugly but Shayne did go on about it a bit too much! The size of the terraces varied so much which is a bit unfair really and would make it a lot harder to judge. The balcony was the clear winner though, I think I need one of those Masters sets for my courtyard :)

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