Monday, September 22, 2014

The Block: Week 8 - Ensuites

Wow sure was some drama at the end of this weeks show!

I liked all the ensuites this week except the glossiness of Maxine & Karstan's. I felt sorry for Jenna & Chris... such a silly mistake telling the mirror guy the wrong date then having to rush it at the end. They did so well otherwise. I wonder if those 3D tiles would collect a lot of dust?!

The boys plan of using that wooden bath for the win paid off as they were this week's winners. Sounds like they now have a healthy budget so i expect an awesome outdoor terrace. I liked the softness of the wooden bath with splash of gold using the ceramic stool.




Have you got a spare $9.5k and would like to purchase a wooden bath - head to The Block Shop. Guess the boys win this week paid for that bath!


The lights are from the Lab Series from Beacon 


Tile selection (handy for those building or renovating) - Rio Limestone and Metropol Strong Grey

Add a splash of gold to your bathroom (yes im a bit tempted to switch my white one in my ensuite for gold) - Matt Blatt Gold Drum

What did you think of this week's ensuites? Was there a stand out favourite for you?

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Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for putting this together! Absolutely love the show as well. Totally agree with your comments above. What will we do when the show ends :( Love the wooden bath but oh boy thats expensive! Wonder how it would wear and how to clean it.. :) Sam

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