Friday, September 19, 2014

The Block: Re-do Rooms

Last night i only just switched on The Block as they were going through showing the re-do rooms. I feel they rushed through them so quick i didn't get to take in all the changes. So i jumped online to have a proper look. I really love the changes made in each space. Dee & Darren's and the boys are my favourites. I can see a huge improvement in both those rooms. Did you feel like you didn't get a good look? Not to worry, I've put together some before/afters of each re-do room.

Whose room do you think has the best improvement?

Dee & Darren's Master Room

Simon & Shannon's Living Space (yay David Trubridge Light)

Carlene & Michael's Study

Maxine & Karstan's Guest Room

Chris & Jenna's Guest Room

I have permission to use these images. All photos are via Jump In

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KL eternalicons said...

I like the way you put each room before and after together; much easier to compare! I don't think any showd a major change except for dee and Darren's room which I really liked too.

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