Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Inside My Walk In Wardrobe

Weeks ago i posted my Wardrobe Fit Out. I have now filled it back up and taken some photos. It's quite hard space to get photos of but i tried my best. This included burying myself in dresses at one point. I'm so in love with my wardrobe, i take a moment to admire it each morning and evening. The novelty hasn't worn off, i hope it never does!

The entrance

My Side

Stripey baskets from The Reject Shop
Cane Baskets from Freedom
Pineapple from Kmart 
Silver 'Paper' Bag from Uashmama

Our Shared Side

Julian's Side

Baskets from Kmart

A reminder of our stunning light - Mercator 


Anonymous said...

It looks great, love those baskets from the reject shop :) & the pineapple of course!

KL eternalicons said...

Love the practical layout and styling!

Anonymous said...

I love your wardrobe fitout. It is functional.if you dont mind what are the measurements of your WIR

Clothing coupons said...

That looks so nice. It looks like when you visit a clothing store and everything is attractively laid out. I like the way you have space but it's not so roomy that everything is a distance away. You can easily reach in and grab what you need. Plus, all the accessories you have in there are visible so you won't waste time searching for any item.

historypak said...

Much thanks for the sharing! COOL.. TNG Services 

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