Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Colour Pop: Pink

This week's Colour Pop is oh so girly! Pink doesn't have to be for little girls only... there's currently quite a lot of pink home decor items. Although most our husband's prob wouldn't like pink everywhere you can certainly add a few items. My pink items are in my study.

a) Beacon - Lace Table Lamp
b) Freedom - Network Deco Bowl
c) Target - Plain Rib Cushion
d) Freedom - Bleeker St Pendant
e) Freedom - Zeta Cushion
f) Freedom - Zedd Cactus
g) Pillow Talk - Vaughan Ribbed Vase
h) KitchenAid - Raspberry Ice
i) Spotlight - Sentsia Triple Soy Candle
j) Harvey Norman - Kmix Kettle
k) Pillow Talk - Sundae Toiletry Set
l) Ikea - LOSJON Toothbrush Mug
m) Cotton On - Shadow Box Frame
n) Officeworks - Vintage Polka Dot Tins
o) Freedom - Molecule Deco Ball
p) Officeworks - Neon Tv Clock
q) Matt Blatt - Replica Ghost Chair
r) Cotton On - Wire Mag Holder
s) Pillow Talk - Britannia Throw
t) Ikea - GESTALTA Artist Dummy
u) Kmart - Pack of 3 Cube Storage
v) Pillow Talk - Hermosa Bottle Range
w) Kikki K - Chore Pad
x) Target - Watercolour Floral Cushion
y) Ikea - VARAKTIG Candle
z) Cotton On - Pineapple Cushion
A) Pillow Talk - Cobb Photo Frame
B) Freedom - Rainbow Tealight


Kelbel said...

That pink Ghost Chair is absolutely gorgeous...if only I had a daughter!!

Lime & Mortar said...

Get it for yourself ;)

Kelbel said...

Hmmm I could put it in my office!!

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