Monday, September 15, 2014

The Block: Week 7 - Dining & Lounge Rooms

There was many different styles of dining and lounge rooms last night most featured blues and greys. I really like Maxine & Karstan's space with all that natural light and the simplicity. Whilst Chris & Jenna were once again slammed by the judges i actually really loved their colour palette. Those blue artworks were lovely.

Congratulations to Carlene & Michael for their third win in a row. I really liked all the colour in their space. I would love to colour code bookshelves like that but it's not practical for my study but it looks so pretty. It was unfortunate they didn't have a dining room but i think they came up with a good solution for the space they had to work with.




If you want lots of books for decoration try a local secondhand book shop. I went to a secondhand bookshop last week who sent me to their warehouse. It was huge. They even had a 'display' section meaning the books were slightly damaged or outdated (like old medical books). You can also get some bargains from op shops. Be sure to check behind dust covers - there is some lovely hardcover books out there.


You can get Enzo Coffee Table from The Block Shop ($495) or a similar Isaumi Noguchi Coffee Table from Matt Blatt ($350)

Castell Side Table from The Block Shop ($269) or similar design yet different colours from Freedom - Spyder Side Table ($249)

You can order a print of 'Oneness' Artwork by Pila Pansumrit from The Block Shop ($295) or one of 10 originals ($3990). Otherwise you may like similar muted tones of this Industrial Canvas Painting from Freedom ($499)

Alexander Pendant from The Block Shop ($895) or Peretti Chrome Light from Bunning ($129). I think this was a great find - it's even the same size.

Last of all the Alma Chair from The Block Shop. There is nothing like this stunning chair, it's unique and gorgeous. If i had a place to show off this chair I'd be asking Santa to kindly deliver this chair under my Christmas tree.

Do you agree with the judges this week? Who was your favourite this week? 

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KL eternalicons said...

I liked Dee and Darren's room most 9and the Bromley of course!) and agree that Chris and Jennas colour scheme was nice, particularly the art. I think it's hard to get a feel for the rooms via the pictures but felt the winning room's bookcase overwhelmed the space and I didn't like the colour. Everyone on various forums / blogs etc seems to have a different opinion this week. Loving the show though this season.

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