Monday, September 01, 2014

The Block: Week 5 - Laundry & Staircases

Carlene and Michael finally had their first win this week. After coming second for three weeks I'm sure this was a big relief. They absolutely deserved this win, what a stunning space. I've recently fallen in love with gold which has totally taken me by surprise so their powder room/laundry certainly got my attention.




The gold pendant light was the main feature in this powder room/laundry. It makes me want to add a gold light to my laundry.

You can purchase this Etch Web Pendant ($349) from The Block Shop. Other gold light options are Rough Diamond Globe ($740) and Etch Shade Pendant ($369)

Carlene & Michael's staircase was also my favourite as i love the bars with all the plants. We all know by know how much i like plants inside a home. What a clever design

Its amazing how different materials and colours create such different looks. Whose staircase was your favourite?

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Jenny Tiffen said...

Ah cool! I'm such a blockhead! Love this post and the images. I think all the staircases came up really well. I think I have to agree with the judges this week. They got it right. JTxo

Fleur said...

I loved the boys staircase but all I could think of was how dirty the glass would get with kids! But I loved Carlene and Michaels and Jenna and Chris's.

Anonymous said...

I like C & M's best too, although I didn't notice the plants when they revealed. I don't really like the plants behind bars look, nor caged rocks! I also really like Jenna and Chris's which is a good thing, because it's very similar to how ours will look. Funny that I find the glass looks dated already, because a year ago, that's what I would have chosen for our house if the price had not been prohibitive. It's a lesson to me about choosing trendy stuff!

KL eternalicons said...

I liked C & M's though thought the treads should've wrapped around the steel support more (so the underside looked like the top) leaving the spine only exposed. I think D & D's will look great finished and I like that they have not gone with a sterotypical 'block' look. There's a 'sameness' with the other appartments to a degree which they avoid. My least favourite was Jenna and Chris'...just plain ordinary. Eeeek!

Lime & Mortar said...

I posted D & D's completed staircase on my FB page. Its gorgeous!!!

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