Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Colour Pop: Orange

Orange has recently become popular. It looks fantastic with black & greys, i also like it with navy blue. Orange adds warmth to the room. A different twist to orange would be coral.

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b) Target - Bubble Up Cushion
c) Officeworks - Neon Tv Clock
d) Lime Gifts - Studio Cannisters
f) Pillow Talk - Ocre Spot Cushion
g) Freedom - Quebit Candle Holder
i) KitchenAid - Orange
j) Officeworks - Spencer Drawer Cabinet
k) Vast Interiors - Ceramic Stool
l) Officeworks - Vorso Chair
m) Target - Granduer Bath Sheet
n) Kmart - House Lantern
o) Spotlight - Nelio Hurricane 
p) Kenwood - Kmix Kettle
q) Kmart - Aztec Rug
s) Freedom - Braiden Throw
t) Freedom - Rattle Basket
u) Domayne - Studio Soup Bowl

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