Sunday, March 01, 2015

The Block: Week 3 Guest Rooms

The battle of sea grass wall paper continues. I think Darren understood Dea's side to story after seeing the rooms. Will be interested to see if this is a running topic every room reveal.
I think all couples did a great job this week and I could see improvements in every couple. I really love the colour palette of Tim & Anastasia's room. I like the moody look in bedrooms over bright white airy rooms. I also really liked that they chose to do black for their window frames in that room. I'm not a fan of Dea's bedhead but I do not think it was horrendous, it worked well with the room. It was nice to see purple used as a colour scheme as it's not very common. I don't have much to say about the other 2 rooms as they didn't do much for me, little too bland.

FIRST PLACE: Even with -1 point they took out the winning spot this week.  Just as well considering there was $1000 of cushions on that bed!

SECOND PLACE: Dea & Darren (I think Shayna is holding a grudge hehe)

THIRD PLACE: Josh & Charlotte

LAST PLACE: Ayden & Jess

Which guest room was your favourite??

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