Monday, March 30, 2015

My ECLP - March

Another month has gone by, I swear it went really fast! This month inside my ECLP was lime green!! I am using the bottom of my pages for meal planning which has been working really well. I also use crayon sticky notes to remind of the topic for my son's school news.

You may have also seen my post about Lime & Mortar Etsy facebook page. This is where I will share new designs, give aways, discount codes, spot sales and more. There will be discount codes that are not always shared on here. Recently I put all my smaller designs onto sheets and got new packaging. Im now just waiting on few items like business cards to complete the new look.

Here is my month of March
Week 10 - Bit of rainbow happening. Id say there will be many rainbow themes as its so easy to work with.
Week 11 - Two of my favourite colours are lime and navy. I really loved this week and enjoyed seeing it daily.
Week 12 - Lots of green inspired by St Patrick's Day.
Week 13 - Monochrome with lime. Another combination I loved. I think I will be using monochrome a few more times as I enjoyed being able to use my black washi and stickers.

I've loaded quite a few new designs this past week. Remember if you would like different wording, sizing or completely custom sticker be sure to message me to discuss your ideas!

This month's discount code for orders over $10. Ends on Easter Monday!

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