Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Paint Colours

I thought i would share the paint colours of the exterior and interior of my home. With our builder we had to choose Solver colours for the exterior. We had the interior painted after handover so opted for Dulux (i prefer their colour range). Colorbond colours can be chosen for any paint brand.

The front dark grey render = 'Colorbond Woodland Grey'
The lighter grey render = Solver 'Dawn Grey'

Main interior colour = Dulux 'Silkwort' 1/4 strength
Master bedroom & feature walls in Master T's Room = Dulux 'Flooded Gum'
Study nib wall = Dulux 'Timeless Grey'
Feature in the lounge room = Colorbond 'Deep Ocean'

Tip: I chose Deep Ocean to match the artwork on the opposite wall in my lounge. To do this i got a range of navy blue paint cards and laid them on the artwork to choose one that matched the best.

When choosing a paint colour for inside your home its best to collect a range of paint sample cards. Even if you don't love them in the shop still bring them home. Stick them all up in the area you are painting and take down the ones you instantly do not like. Each day continue to take down ones you don't love until you're left with a few. Grab some sample pots and test them out, they can sometimes look bit different to paint cards (although i've never had this issue with Dulux). You may get down to one card which makes it very easy choice.


Anonymous said...

Great tips for choosing paint Leanne. I love the idea of slowly eliminating the ones you least like. I will have to pick my interior paints before we have handover though, probably in one sitting, so I won't have the time for this. Your "deep ocean" makes me weak at the knees. Such a beautiful colour.

Lime & Mortar said...

Like you with a new built I didn't get to stick mine up in my home either. But I had them laid on my desk with my floor and cabinet colour samples. I actually painted my final choice for main colour on canvas and took it to the house just to hold it up around new house to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne,
Just wondering if you would recommend the Painter you used for your interior? If so, would love the details as we're searching for a good painter for our place at the moment as have decided we will do this handover.
Cheers, Coreena

Lime & Mortar said...

Hey Coreena, I'll happily recommend my painter. If you'd like send an email to I shall give you all the details :)

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