Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Walk-in-Robe Plans

When we were getting ready to do prestart i really wanted to have the shelf and rail removed from my WIR so i could get a custom fit out after handover. However everything was adding up so we decided i would wait. I was thinking i would wait until my 30th and have it as a birthday present - but i cant wait another 3 years. Today i had Lifestyle Wardrobes come out to do their measure. Now to wait until its ready to be installed!

Its a very hard space to try get photos of due to the layout but i will try my best. I'll take 'before' photos to post whith the 'after' photos. Be warned my wardrobe seems to be more like a storage unit at the moment.

Here is the design i came up with:

Wall A = My side, hello shoe shelves! The shoe shelves and shelves/drawers is what you can see from the opening.
Wall B = Full hanging is mine and double for hubby
Wall C = Hubbys side (he gets shelves and drawers too)

I already have 4 of these baskets ready to use. I think ill get some more but i want to wait until wardrobe is installed so i can see what i need.

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Miss Libe said...

Im really looking forward to seeing your WIR fit out the layout looks really functional. I left all shelves and rails out of my WIR and am hoping to fit out soon also. Mine will be DIY though so may not look as lovely as yours. Also love those baskets, Kmart are coming out with some good finds recently x

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