Thursday, July 24, 2014

Family Room: Be Social

Our family room is a comfy spot where we can sit and talk with our guests. There is no TV..... I don't think there is a need for a TV in every room that has a sofa. This space is quite simple but comfortable. I like that its in the main living space not tucked away.

I think every home should have a photo wall. It's a great way to show off your favourite photos but at the same time add a personal touch to your home. I had a large space to work with so I went for a mixed pattern within a rectangle shape as I felt with 32 frames it would have looked too messy.

I've always loved plants inside a home, there is just something about the bright green leaves. This plant is a Fiddle Leaf Fig they are often seen in interior decorating photos. The clock is the 51cm Mr Karlsson White.

I'd like a large painting for this empty spot on the left, but I think it will take many years to find something that's 'right' for the space.

Decorative items do not need to be expensive. I framed some left over fabric from the large cushions my friend made for me and some free printable papers.
Tip: Check out your local op shop or garage sales for vases in a shape you like, then get some spray paint and transform them to suit your space.

Free printable paper: Mel Stampz

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I love that you have no tv in the family room!

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