Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Study: Where Blogs Are Made

I have always wanted built in cabinetry for my study. I designed the layout to include 2 lockable filing drawers, 4 drawers & overheads for extra 'not on display' storage.  Since our study comes off the main area I selected Laminex 'Burnished Wood' to match the dark wood in our house and Laminex 'Polar White' for the shelves to match the kitchen. I chose to have white shelves as I felt the dark colour up to high would feel too 'heavy' and close in the room.

Where I'm sitting right now typing this post. You'll notice I have a pin board under the desk. This is covering all the wires and power points. I need a better solution... any suggestions?

You're probably wondering why there is a fridge in my study. Its wine cellar fridge and was hubbys 'must have' item (He really loves his red wine). It may seem strange to have wine cabinet in the study but our dining room and lounge room are right next to it.

At first I struggled 'styling' shelves. It needed to be practical not just pretty. Most the books are hubbys, although I collect '500 series' cookbooks. I already owned most the items so just needed to arrange everything. I'm very used to simple and minimal - which these shelves are not.

This is one way I keep organised... lists and plans !

On the opposite wall is my chalkboard calendar. I mention in the Kids Bathroom post I won a voucher from The Wall Sticker Company... this is the other decal I chose. I only write main events on here & I really enjoy adding little pictures to the events to match the party theme etc.

The Wall Sticker Company: Chalkboard Calendar

The powder room comes off the study. On the nib wall is an artwork I adore. . . my kids made it. If you're after a rainy day activity for the kids get some paint in your chosen colours and let them go for it. You never know, they may create a beautiful artwork for you to display in your home.

Tip: Paint the edges of the canvas in a solid colour, it helps finish off the artwork.

I love all the colour in my study, its the most colourful room in the house.

I've used a couple of free prints in my study. One I printed on sticker paper and stuck to an art mount block and the other I framed in my favourite wooden frame.

Pop over to The Cottage Market for your copy 

Get this sweet print from Lost Bubble Bee


Unknown said...

Hey Leanne, can you add some more power points under your desk so you don't need to use the power board on the floor? Then you can shorten/tidy cords with something like a "Cable Turtle"? Fee :)

Lime & Mortar said...

Cant add anymore due to the brick walls. I just looked up cable turtle, that might work. I think I need attach powerboard under the desk and lift all wires up perhaps

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne, who did your cabinetry? Or was it something you arranged through your builder? Thank you.

Lime & Mortar said...

I used a local business (CJS cabinetry) - I drew up the design I wanted and he ordered the materials and installed it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne, I love your blog and your home! You can organise your cables with this or this

Mic Tam Tran said...

Hi Leanne, which paint did you use for your wall, ceiling and cornices/trim? They look great!

Lime & Mortar said...

Hey! The ceilings/cornices are just a basic ceiling white paint. The walls are Dulux 'Silkwort' 1/4 strength. The nib wall next to wine fridge is Dulux 'Timeless Grey' :)

Mic Tam Tran said...

Thanks for letting me know. Did you tint the paint yourself because silkwork 1/4 is not available on dulux website. I'm afraid my builder won't do it :(

Mic Tam Tran said...

I'm thinking of having limed white 1/4 for walls and lexicon quarter 1/4 for ceiling/trim/cornices/door. I'm having limestone bone xl gloss tiles. Hope you could give me some advice. Thanks in advance

Lime & Mortar said...

You can get any colour in half or quarter strength :)

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