Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our Floor Plan

The first time we built a house was in 2011. My taste was very different and I didn't really discover my love to decorate until a year later. I always say your first build is a practise run. You learn so much about the building process and how to make selections and so on. I started to imagine what things I would change and do if we ever got to build again. That opportunity came in August 2012 when we put a bigger block of land on hold and started choosing floor plans. We couldn't find any plans that ticked all our boxes so I decided to heavily modify a floor plan to suit our needs.

This is what I came up with.....
The admin/build was a long and stressful 15 months. A lot of tears, frustration, loss of sleep but also a lot of excitement and happiness. We moved into our home 30th November '13 :)
Things I really like:
  • My kitchen & scullery- I designed it, its my dream kitchen
  • Having the ensuite toilet as a powder room. Means guests can use that toilet rather than go through kids zone and use their toilet. Also good for us having easy access. Also makes an extra entrance to our master room.
  • Kids bedrooms at the front - means we can entertain without disturbing them. Also if ever an emergency we can get to them quickly and out to the front of the house.
  • The kids rooms coming off the activity room. Keeps most their stuff all in that one zone rather then spread across the house.
  • Having the study near the lounge room and main living space. Means not hidden away in a bedroom somewhere

I really do love my floor plan!

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