Friday, July 18, 2014

Making An Entrance

Welcome! Come on in and make yourself at home :)

I wanted the entrance to be simple and spacious but a bit of wow factor. The best way to achieve this was with statement lighting. In my entrance is an ikea HEMNES shoe cabinet and the matching HEMNES mirror. The kids mostly use this shoe cabinet which is great as it keeps all their shoes contained and easy to find (there is no 'I cant find my shoes' as you're trying to leave the house).

I really struggled to choose pendants for the entry. Instantly I knew I wanted David Trubridge 'Coral' pendant for my dining room so after many months of searching for entrance lighting I decided to get another David Trubridge design 'Ulu Half' for the entrance. I decided to get 2 for something a bit different. They were bigger than I was imagining but I really like them. Best of all they give an amazing pattern effect over the ceiling and walls which was one of the main reasons for choosing David Trubridge designs for my home.

See designs here: David Trubridge Lights

I don't use this entrance often as we have internal access to the garage. We added a bench and cupboards to this 'shopper entrance'. Its great being able to walk in put bags and everything down on the bench. The cupboards come in handy for extra storage, also to store the kids backpacks in there too.  There is a door to left which goes to our master room & a door to the right which is the garage entrance. The water colour artwork was done by a very talented friend, I love these especially the colours!

Cupboards: Laminex 'New Graphite'
Bench: Essastone 'New Basmati'
Frames: Ikea RIBBA 'Gloss Grey'


Michelle Barrington said...

I love those pendants - fabulous choice

Kerri said...

Gorgeous pendants!!! And how talented is your friend?? I might need his/her number as I love those prints!!

Sandy Koong said...

I love the raised ceilings. I'm also designing a home of my own. Although it may be a stupid comment but instead of pendant lights, could had also add some high windows to let some natural light in.

Lime & Mortar said...

Could do but it would depend on your roofline and if you'd like windows on the front of your roof :)

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