Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Master Bedroom: My Peaceful Space

The master room is very much my personal space and probably the most quiet space in the house. This is the space I escape to when I need a little peace & quiet. I love the bright colours in our room, they make me feel happy.

The bed linen is Adairs 'Nolita' with 'Geometric Archer' cushion. I chose the grey herringbone pattern cushion to tie in with the wall paper in my ensuite which is opposite entrance to our room.

I chose white block out rollers for the bedroom for practical reasons - to block out the sun. This photo was taken as the morning sun was hitting the glass. I put sheers over the rollers to soften the look of them. When the rollers are up the sheers soften the sunlight and give such a nice soft light which is so relaxing. Behind the rollers is a glass sliding door which will eventually lead out to an undercover parent retreat.

 Tip: Hang curtains are closer to the cornice as possible as it heightens the room.

I think its really nice to choose a special photo especially from your wedding for the bedroom. It adds a personal touch to the room. This is my favourite photo from our wedding day. Each morning I wake up to this photo which is lovely as Hubby is away often.

I wanted a ceiling fan for our room as between seasons I like the cool breeze on nights which are little warm but not hot enough to use the air con. When we saw the 'Fanaway' in beacon I had to have it. Basically when the fan is not in use the blades fold away so its just the light, when you turn it on the blades flick out. You can see a video here: Fanaway

On the wall opposite the sliding door is a long shelf. In the middle is couple of special items. The black/white sand in a bottle is from our wedding ceremony.
A sand ceremony involves a symbolic blending of two different-colored sands into a single vessel. The meaning is clear: The blending of two different beings, the bride and the groom, into a single, inseparable unit that is their marriage -- the joining of their lives.

Next to the bottle is our wedding location. I got a map, made a heart template and then traced around with the location in the middle. Then you cut out the heart and frame it. Give it a go!


N said...

What a fantastic looking room. I love how uncluttered it is too. Great idea putting a special photo in the bedroom. I think I'll do the same. Great blog.

Lime & Mortar said...

Thank you. Sounds silly but i sleep much better without clutter around me.

Natalie Land said...

That is such a cool fan idea. Do they come in different looks?

Lime & Mortar said...

The is couple different looks - one without chrome ring and one which is an odd shape. They also come in white & chrome (mine is brushed chrome)

Anonymous said...

I love that yellow Vase. Would you mind telling me where you got it? :)

Lime & Mortar said...

It was from Living Emporium which is a WA store. Would have been over a year old now

Rebecca Senyard said...

Stunning! Just love it all. Loved your previous room, but this is just so trendy and serene. Love all the d├ęcor details.

Tanveer A said...

Me too love ceiling fans.. growing up i always had one in my room and i miss it so much in our rental in Melbourne. I always dreamed of one in my bedroom and also put a noggin for it. Now half way through the build I realize it might not be practical in our bedroom with just 8 feet high ceilings :(. May I ask is your ceiling height?

Lime & Mortar said...

I'm not sure in ft but they are 28c which I think is 2.4m

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