Saturday, July 19, 2014

Boys Room: Robots

My sons room recently had a bit of a make over. It was still robot theme but orange/blue/grey. I decided to update it and make it feel more grown up. I think adding black really helped do that. The blue/green combo looks really striking. I've painted the wall around windows in a darker grey (Dulux Flooded Gum). Usually the general rule for feature walls is to have a blank wall - no windows, doors or built in robes. But I think it really works in this room.

When your not sure on a theme or colours for a kids bedroom I think its best to choose bed linen and then work from there. That's exactly what I did for Tylers room. This set is KAS Kids 'Vintage Robot'

Master T's room is quite messy (his room rarely looks like this). Generally the floor is covered in toys and clothes until I make him clean his room. Typical messy boy! So it was important to give him good storage. This way he can pack everything away and it looks neat. Each box has general theme to make it easy for him to pack away - pjs, transformers, mixed toys etc

I chose some themed prints to go with the colours and room. They were all downloaded and printed at home. The black ABCs print can be purchased from dearkatehandmade and the blue robot print can be purchased from elreyart. Its green in the link but I asked the seller to change the colour. The 'keep calm' print I made myself - Click on 'Printables' tab to download & print.
Master T's room is at the front of the house so i wanted to give him a spot where he can watch the cars go by, it's also a nice spot to read books. The shelves are ikea spice racks which i painted. This book shelf idea is very popular, you'll see it a lot on pinterest or perhaps in your friends homes.

Wooden name blocks: Lilly Pilly Arts

Last but not least is this amazing original artwork from Noi. To get your hands on an original painting from Noi is rare, I feel so lucky to have this for my boy. The detail is incredible! The canvas is 25x30cm - so each detail is tiny. If you look closely you'll see Master T's name painted in the black part of the robots body.

You can purchase this robot artwork as a print from Noi


Unknown said...

I thought of you when I was in Big W - they had blue and green cube boxes, just like your colours. So if you're ever looking for green with the little handles (like the blue ones), try there. Fee :)

Lime & Mortar said...

I saw them today, they are the small size but thanks :)

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