Thursday, July 31, 2014

Walk-in-Linen: Get Organised

I'm very lucky to have a walk-in-linen cupboard which allows lots of storage. I don't think a home can have too much storage. I use my linen cupboard for more than just towels and bed sheets.

Baskets and boxes are a fantastic way to store items whilst looking very neat and organised. My white baskets are the Rattan Baskets in large from Woolworths. They come in white or black and in sizes large or medium. I have spotted them in the Reject Shop also in brown, red and white. The smaller clear boxes with grey lids are from Big W.

Tip 1: Put sheets or quilt covers inside their matching pillowcases. This will stop pillowcases getting lost and also makes them look neat when stacked.

Tip 2: Stack your towels in 'bath sheets', 'bath towels' & 'beach towels'. This way you don't need to search through all of them to find the right size/style. I keep hand towels and face washers in baskets as they are small.

Tip 3: If building or renovating include a tall space in your linen for your ironing board, mop, broom, vacuum etc

I think I'm going to add a small shelf in this space to put my hand held dyson vacuum. Will be good space to charge it as I included a power point in here (was thinking ahead incase i get a cordless vacuum

I made some labels for all the containers and baskets so we easily know whats in each one. These labels are the same style as the ones i made for my pantry. 

And who doesnt love 'Before' and 'After' shots....... Yep it was messy!


fleurh81 said...

Good idea about the power point! I will have to remember that one!

Laura said...

Thats a great space and so well organised :)

muhammad azeem said...

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