Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lounge: Relax & Unwind

My lounge is where I am most evenings once the kids are in bed. I set myself up infront of tv with the ipad to just relax and unwind. The kids watch movies in this room during the day other than that its adults only. The lounge comes off the study, which is great if I'm on computer in evening and hubby watching TV we can still talk and be near each other.

We don't have a dvd player etc in this room so it seemed like a waste to have a TV unit., yet it felt too incomplete to just have the TV. We added a long shelf which finished it off without making the room feel smaller. I like the wall behind TV to be a dark colour, this paint colour, Dulux 'Deep Ocean', looks like a really deep Navy in the evening.

Added: 28th March - Plant holder, wire basket & cushion

Finding large artworks is hard, it took me many months to find something i liked. Every large painting I found had either red or orange when I wanted nice cool colours. I then came across this piece on etsy by an artist named Elena. It arrived rolled up and I had it stretched locally. Id love another piece of Elena's artwork, I actually have my eye on one now.

Choosing cushions when you want a mix of colours and textures is hard. I really struggled. I think best way is to buy them all at the same time. What I did was open up a word document and then copy & paste image of cushions I liked onto the document. I then sat back and deleted the ones that didn't look right. In the end I narrowed it down to my selections. I would really recommend doing it this way if you also find choosing cushions hard. If I tried to stand in a store choosing I think I would be in there for hours.

Most cushions are from Adairs, the yellow ones are from Freedom.


fmac said...

Love the cushions, where are they from? Particularly love the multi colour one!

Lime & Mortar said...

The multi is 'Phoenix Lemon' from Adairs. Most are adairs except mustard yellow ones were from Freedom

fmac said...

Thanks! :)

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